The Powerhouse Evil Geniuses seems to know how to address the edge of competitive video gaming. Now, they have reached overwhelming popularity by reaching the top of the world in HLTV's ratings. Thus, their reputation as the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) squad was just a question of time. To maintain their form, they have counted on a smart combination of constant practice, game enthusiasm, and several rookies to strengthen their team power.

Other contenders

While Evil Geniuses are undeniable leaders, they do have the strong opponents. After all, it's a feat that Astralis – the Danish version of Evil Geniuses – turn out to be envy. If you decide to bet on CS GO, it is highly recommended to maintain EG in your cross-hair. Believe it or not, but this is not just a one-off feat for them. The team has positions itself as the professional squad and it's definitely nice to see how they have got to that point.

Over the last decade, the team has gone through many lows and highs. Taking over the StarSeries i-League 8 has added some points for them so that they were established at the top of the competitive world. They have a smart lead on Astralis and Fnatic. But the world of CS GO betting is quite changeable, so the leadership positions can be changed any minute.

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Keeping the leading position

The main question about Evil Geniuses is whether they can maintain their position as the leader. The BLAST Series Copenhagen will create a next-level challenge for them by putting the best teams in the industry together. Overcoming an amazing field of contestants is something they have to deal with in the nearest future.

Closing Note

The only thing that we have learned from the actual ratings is the power of Evil Geniuses and other strong industry teams. Even though EG has always been a strong powerhouse in esports, this fact is unlikely to change in the future. But as you know, game betting is probably the only thing we cannot predict.