Unconventional Prayer –

Unconventional Prayer

Oh, Supreme Being, and I don’t mean me:

Give me the vision to see my parents as human beings, because if they aren’t, what does that make me?

Give me vocabulary because the more I say you know, the less anyone does.

Give me freedom from television because I’m beginning to distrust its happy endings.

Give me sex education to correct what I first heard from thirteen year olds.

Give me homework to keep me from flunking Free Time.

Give me a map of the world so I may see that this town and I aren’t the center of it.

Give me the knowledge that conformity is the enemy of friendship.

Give me the understanding that nobody ever grows up in a group, so I may find my own way.

Give me limits so I will know I’m loved.

And give me nothing that I haven’t earned so that this adolescence doesn’t last forever.

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