Blue Roses

Blue Roses

By: Anonymous

Beside a lake two lovers walked

Dimly cheerful as they talked

She: “Please tell me, do you love me well?”

He: “I love thee more than words can tell.”

She: “Then, in your smile, let me know.”

He: “I love thee more than I can show.”

She: “Then touch my face that I may feel it.”

He: “A simple touch could not reveal it.”

She: “If not to hear nor to see nor to feel,

then how am I to know it’s real?”

He: “My every joy to thee I owe.”

She: “If that be true then prove it so.”

He: “Whatever you wish I shall acquire.

Whatever is thee heart’s desire.

Look around this wondrous land.

Tell me, love, what you find most grand.

Tell me what you deem the fairest,

even if it be the rarest.

For I would tame hell’s hottest fire.

To bring you what you so desire.”

She: “There is a thing my heart doth treasure,

from which I yield unending pleasure.

Before the light of this day closes,

I bid thee, find me two blue roses.”

He: “I know not any place to find

a single rose bush of that kind.

Alas, my dear, I must insist,

such blue roses do not exist.”

She: “Though easily you may ignore,

I know you’ve seen them times before.

But if my request thou dost deny,

my love for thee would surely die.

And so, my sweet, a fond adieu,

in hopes you find my roses blue.”

He: “To prove to thee this love is true,

I shall find two roses blue.”

Beside a lake two lovers parted

Misty-eyed and heavy-hearted

He walked on with hastened speed

She prayed that he would succeed

Hours passed, as time demanded

And he appeared, empty-handed

Beside a lake two lovers met

Filled with sorrow and regret

She: “I see that you have failed to find the roses which I so desired.”

He: “Alas, my dear, I’ve tried my best

to find for you your strange request.

But still again, I must insist

such blue roses do not exist.”

She: “If thou art true in telling me

such blue roses cease to be,

then my request thou hast denied.

And thus my love for you has died.”

Beside a lake two lovers parted

Misty-eyed and broken-hearted

She ran off with tearful pleas

He dropped slowly to his knees

With heart ache he had never known

Across the lake the sunlight shown

And in the water’s clear reflection

Saw his face in rippled perfection

And from this mirror he exposes

That his eyes are but two blue roses.

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