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"When I can see my heart in his eyes...that's how I'll know he's the one for me." - Kelsey

"Man, I screwed up. I hurt the one person in the world who would never dream of hurting me." - Michelle Burns

"You're leaving. You're finally walking out that door. And it hurts because there's nothing I can do to change your mind." - JoAnne Golden

"three words that would almost break my heart as much as they would bring joy: I love you." - JoAnne Golden

"I'll walk away from you now, and I'll never look back. You'll pretend to be sad, so maybe I'll come back, but when I don't, you'll live. You won't hurt, you won't cry, so don't try to make me think I'm affecting your life at all." - Michelle Burns

"Is he worth the pain and the heartache? Is he worth the torture in your soul? Is he worthy of your love when he breaks your sore heart every day? Is he worth it all?" - Jacqueline Kelly

"I don't want to have one of those relationship where it's too late to say goodbye." - Jacqueline Kelly

"All she wanted was the love no one gave her." - Jacqueline Kelly

"No matter how much I don't want to believe it, maybe we just aren't meant to be." - Cait

"I'm sorry to tell you this but I deserve someone a lot better than you." - Kelsey

"Even your lies were sweet." - Justine

"With every love comes heartbreak, and sometimes it gets so painful you can't do it anymore." - Michelle Burns

"There isn't really anything that keeps me here except the memories. And they aren't even enough anymore." - Jacqueline Kelly

"I sat there and stared at you. I just couldn't understand how such an amazing person could be in my life. And then all of a sudden I got extremely scared. You kissed me, and told me not to worry, there was no way you'd ever leave me. I felt a sense of comfort. I believed you. That is, until you left." - JoAnne Golden

"You think you know me or something. Like you know what I'm thinking, what I'm feeling. You think you know what I want, and what I need. Who I love, and who I hate. But the truth of the matter is, you don't even know yourself." - Maegan Michelle

"The true irony is that sometimes one lets go of their fears about falling in love, only to have them all proven true: that men can really be heartless and that women can pay the price in heartbreaks." - JoAnne Golden

"Love hurts. It takes strength to keep it going and right now, I just don't have the strength or the will power. Please just try to understand." - Michelle Burns

"So yeah, I like you and yeah, you mean so much to me. But I'm tired of getting treated like crap just because you know you can. I'm not going to let you anymore." - Michelle Burns

"Tell me why you called. That's all I want to know. It's been months since I last heard from you, and you call me? Me, out of all people. Why?" - JoAnne Golden

"Once your world has been torn apart, you don't just stop believing in fairy tales, you stop believing in love." - JoAnne Golden