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"you're so mysterious! you never tell me anything about you. it makes me crazy! and it keeps me crazy for you." - JoAnne Golden

"I fade in and out of reality. " - Jacqueline Kelly

"I saw you tonight.. it was so different. I tried to say I'm sorry but I was interrupted. You touched me like I should stay, but I kept walking. My apology wouldn't change anything anyway. I'm not even sure I did anything wrong.. I just thought that it could fix everything. But we're not little kids anymore.. sometimes words don't make everything better, and relationships aren't always okay again." - Allison

"Everyone is always asking me what's wrong. . . but I don't even think it makes any sense, it's just. . . my heart hurts." - Hollie

"I don't understand how anyone can think that I'm worthy of ... Anything." - Jacqueline Kelly

"He thinks I'm cute, and he makes me laugh. sometimes that's all you need." - Jenna

"I know I act like I don't care, but it's just a cover-up because I care too much to tell anyone." - Justine

"When you attempt suicide ... and you fail ... it's like this big dissapointment ... because it's one more thing you can't do right." - Jacqueline Kelly

"So you're gone and I know you had me promise I wouldn't cry, and I'm sorry. I know you're never coming back and I may never see you again, and well, it hurts. It hurts beyond imagination. And I thought I could handle it, but I can't. I want to reach out and touch you -- kiss you -- but you're not there. I would have given anything to tell you, 'I love you' one last time. But it wouldn't have changed anything. I despise fate." - JoAnne Golden

"Things aren't great. The nightmares of my past are returning to haunt me in my sleep. When I'm awake, a certain sound, a word, brings back the memories and I freeze. I can't breathe. My soul is so torn. I wonder if it will ever be healed completely. My heart is ripped into shreds. It doesn't seem as if there's anyway to mend it. I'm dying. I'm dying and no one can tell. They don't even care. It's torture, going through the motions of life as if I'm really here. I don't remember the last time I really felt anything. The last time I cried or laughed and meant it. And I wonder why no one can tell. They all say the love me but then why aren't they able." - Jacqueline Kelly

"You know what- it's not my fault. I used to think it was- that maybe there was something I could have done. But it's not me, it's him. He's the one that just doesn't see what he's doing- what he's losing." - Melissa Rokyta

"I'm slowly dying inside. Again." - Jacqueline Kelly

"No one thinks that I cry myself to sleep every night. No one knows that I'm not that strong. But maybe it's time for someone to find out that the person they know is not the real me." - Michelle Burns

"He's helped me show myself the beauty I've always possessed but never knew I had." -Ali Kramer

"If life is a dream, then I want to wake up from this nightmare." - Jacqueline Kelly

"this is me not giving a damn anymore." - Jacqueline Kelly

"You never see my tears, but that doesn't mean I don't cry. You never feel my pain, but that doesn't mean I don't hurt. You only see me smile, and that doesn't mean that I am happy." - Michelle Burns

"When you attempt suicide ... and you fail ... it's like this big dissapointment ... because it's one more thing you can't do right." - Jacqueline Kelly

"All families have problems. Mine especially. But I love them without end. Not because they're blood--but because we rely on each other. . . when others scurry away. We can not talk for weeks, and we can pick up right where we left off--in the midst of conversation and friendly embraces. That's what family is all about." - JoAnne Golden

"I don't think anybody knows me now." - Justine