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"Here's to you, my best friend. Just wanna say that I miss having you around." - The Ataris

"Sure, you're supposed to have total recall of who won the Battle of Hastings and what motivated Hamlet. And probably you should be able to label all five Great Lakes. Perhaps you can...perhaps it's easier to remember that first kiss. Or the time you and your friends couldn't stop laughing in math class. Or your locker combination or cafeteria mystery meat or the scintillating scent in the air when you-know-who glided past your desk. Or maybe it's easier to remember the thrill of passing the final or the fun of the last homecoming game or hugging your best friends in the world goodbye and knowing you'd be in touch forever. But still, wondering just a little: will we always remember?" - a graduation card

"I don't get the chance to say it anymore. But I still feel it. You're my best friend. You always were." - Dawson's Creek

"Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. We graduated high school, saying goodbye. That feeling that you get at seventeen or eighteen that nobody in the history of the world has ever been this close, has ever loved as fiercely or laughed as hard or cared as much. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and sometimes it feels like someone else's memory." - One Tree Hill

"I promise that I'll never forget you.."

"Do you remember all the things we did? And what it's like to be a kid. Being young and skipping school, I guess we must have broken every rule!" - The Ataris, "not a worry in the world"

"So many people have come into my life, and I know they'll all be going. But I'm going to be losing some of the best friends I could ever have. I don't know how I'll get through that."

"I laughed, I cried, but mostly I laughed." - Full House Quote No. 413

“Imagine the people you see everyday right now… the people you would least expect to not see tomorrow. In a couple of years, college will come and with it new friends and new experiences. The people you see everyday in the halls … your friends … and some of them — your best friends, will [...] Quote No. 123

“I hope when people look back on high school they think those two were always with each other. Because that is how I remember it. Me and you.” -Hollie Seals