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“A man’s confidence only pays when everything else just stays away in his life.” – Anuj Somany

“What to do with life… pretend I don’t need you and be miserable or admit I do and learn to live without you? I know all the answers to these questions but they aren’t good enough.” – Jennifer York

“People change- or so they say. However I’ve never seen any true proof of it. I feel like people are the way they are, Take them or leave them. Those are your choices. People spend their whole lives trying to be somebody else’s idea of perfect. How can anybody live up to that standard, the word perfect [...]

“I think life is misunderstood. I feel like everyone thinks life is goal oriented. Everyone sees life as ‘I want this’ ‘so go get it,’ but perhaps life is about the in-between that little dash on the tombstone between the birthday and the day of deceased. The times between start and finish. The things you [...]

“Can you live without being whole? I feel like I am a 1000 piece puzzle and everyone can see that I am missing a piece; the most important piece.” – Jennifer York

“Incomplete. You feel incomplete. Somethings always missing and it can’t be fixed; no matter how many one night stands or relationships you try to fixate. Nothing fixes it. No matter how many tears you cry or movies you watch; there it sits. 1 year 11 months and 13 days ago this hole was forced upon [...]

"I've looked around enough to know that you're the one I want to go through time with." -Jim Croce

“You know who you are. You know what this is. And don’t pretend you don’t. We do what needs to be done and we don’t question why. We put the personal to the left. Doesn’t matter who gets hurt. Doesn’t matter what gets broke. It’s not the thing that needs fixing, it does not matter. [...]

“Truth is nothing. What you believe to be true is everything.” – Waiting for Forever

“‘PRACTICALITY’ is acceptability of anything or everything dished out with no resistance, reluctance and rebut till it affects oneself, but ‘REALITY’ is the right choice of unbiased practicality in its correct shape, size and form with a high touch of humanity.” – Anuj Somany

“One who sees the weakness of his strength can also leverage the strength of his weakness, readily, to his advantage.” – Anuj Somany

“The surrounding environment is the best erudite master to teach us the fundamental laws of nature and the basics of living.” – Anuj Somany

"The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever, and no matter how hard you try, the feeling never goes away." -the notebook

“Divorce the past to marry the present and be blessed with a lovely child of future.” –  Anuj Somany

"You want my opinion? We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness- and call it love- true love." - R. Fulghum

"Well, it seems to me that the best relationships -- the ones that last -- are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is...suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with." - The X-Files

"You can't kill it with goodbye; It always finds a place to hide inside your heart for your whole life. Love is never-ending." - Brad Paisley, "Love is never-ending"

"'Am I your boyfriend?' is the kind of question a nine-year-old asks another nine-year-old. It had no place in a sophisticated relationship. I knew the rules -- I was meant to be cool and relaxed, laid-back and casual. At first maybe we'd 'see' each other (which meant that she'd still 'see' other people), then maybe we'd date (which would mean that she wouldn't see other people even though she might want to), and then finally we'd be boyfriend and girlfriend (by which time she wouldn't want to see other people because she'd be happy with me)." - My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike Gayle

"Nobody's life is filled with perfect little moments. And if it were, they wouldn't be perfect little moments. They would just be normal. How would you ever know happiness if you never experienced downs?" - PS, I LOVE YOU by Cecilia Ahern

"'Before we met, I was as lost as a person could be and yet you saw something in me that somehow gave me direction again.'" - Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks