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Comforting Archive Quote No. 258

“I’ve seen your worries, and I can understand everything you’re going through.” – Juliana Theory, “piano song” Quote No. 256

“I will always hold your hand through the hard times. Don’t be ashamed to cry, I will always be there to wipe your tears. Don’t hesitate to come to me with your problems, because I will always be there to listen and help. Remember that I will be there for you always.” Quote No. 248

“Fear not, for I always hold your hand through hard times. Do not be ashamed to cry, for i will always be there to wipe away your tears. Never hesitate to come to me with your problems, for my heart will always be there to listen and help. Remember that I will be there for [...] Quote No. 235

“Cuz when I am with you, nothing is uncool.” – Ultimate Fakebook, “when i’m with you, i’m ok” Quote No. 222

“You’re the peanut to my butter. You’re the star to my burst. You’re the M to my M&M’s. You’re the pop to my tart. You’re the milky to my way. You’re the fruit to my loop. You’re the milk to my duds. You’re the cocoa to my puffs. You’re the ice to my cream but [...] Quote No. 221

“I asked God for a flower he gave me a garden. I asked for a tree he gave me a forest. I asked for a river he gave me an ocean. I asked for a friend he gave me you.” Quote No. 200

“I’m sorry. I know I did something terrible, horrible to you. And if I could take it back I would. I sometimes wish you would do something horrible to me and then we’d be even. But you would never do that. It’s just that all these things are happening and I need someone. You’re the [...] Quote No. 184

“And even when the times were hard, you were there to let me know that I’d get through.” Quote No. 174

“You were always there when I needed you, never left my side, always there to lean on and dry the tears I cried. I could always talk to you, you never seemed to mind, your voice so honest and gentle, your words so honest and kind. I thought I’d never meet someone as special as [...] Quote No. 173

“What we have is right now and right now we have each other.” – Cross Roads Quote No. 164

“So much has changed and so much has happened these years, but still I find that you are waiting here. We have a bond that nothing can change and still I find a peace of mind whenever I hear your name. And if I seem too quiet, know it’s because there are no words to [...] Quote No. 140

“I really care for you and that’s not going to change. I’m still your friend no matter what.” -A Return to Love Quote No. 134

“If I’m thanking you for anything… it’s for being yourself. It’s for not caring what anybody else thinks. It’s for knowing in your own heart what’s wrong and what’s right. And it’s for being there this year… when I needed you most.” – Dawson’s Creek Quote No. 133

“The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch, and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you’ve ever had.”

LUAQuotes Quote No. 94

“Just when I think I have you all figured out, you do something like this… something outrageous, something that challenges me in a way no one else would even think of. And in case I don’t say it enough. Thank you.” – Dawson’s Creek

LUAQuotes Quote No. 92

“You know what you were saying before about how living my dream agrees with me? I’ve been thinking about that. And I, I want you to know that I probably wouldn’t be living my dream at all if it weren’t for you. More and more I keep on finding myself in these incredibly surreal situations [...]

LUAQuotes Quote No. 91

“You were there when I needed you without me even having to ask.” – Scrubs

LUAQuotes Quote No. 87

“You were there in the beginning — the first person that ever told me I could be more then what I was, and believed it – there isnt anything I wouldn’t share with you.”

LUAQuotes Quote No. 84

“I guess everyone has someone who challenges them, and makes them shoot for something just beyond their reach. You’re that person for me.” – Dawson’s Creek

LUAQuotes Quote No. 73

“If you can count on one thing, I’ll be here.” – Martina McBride, “i’ll still be me”