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"In the best, most desirable way -- you scare me. But I love the way you scare me but it makes me nervous and then I say or do something really stupid so I spend all this energy coming up with ideas to be smart so that you don't think I'm stupid and those ideas inherently backfire therefore making me look more stupid. It's a vicious circle, Jen and I'm at the end of my rope because all I really want to do is kiss you and feel if I don't kiss you soon I'm gonna explode." - Dawson's Creek

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“How can I make you see that you can’t lose me?  Cause I’m still in love and want you for forever–forever.” – Ultimate Fakebook, “forever, forever”

“I’ve been trying to break down your walls, but I don’t know how to get through.  You say that you want me.  You say that you need me.  But baby, I need more from you.” – Sara Evans, “Show Me The Way To Your Heart”  

“If you ever want my lovin’, there’s a few things you should do: Bring me coffee in the early morning and roses in the afternoon.” – Sara Evans, “If You Ever Want My Lovin’”

“Why should we wait ’til we find out where we’re goin’: the perfect job, the perfect house, the perfect life we’ve prayed about.  I don’t know about you, but I think that we’ve got everything we need.” – Sara Evans, “Desperately”

“I just want a different ending to our same old story.”

Again, still there, standing with me and everything, it's hard to believe, I know, look, I start to fall, everything worked out, Jo, everything, I mean I had this interview right? And I didn't stutter or stumble or throw up or anything, and they loved my writing, which is just totally like surreal because no one has ever loved anything I've done, except for you, which is why I'm here, I wanted to say thank you, because you knew I could do it, and I had no idea, you know, Jo, it's not just because I didn't think I could do it, it's because I didn't see the world that way, you know? it's a place where people get second chances and third and fourth chances to make something of themselves, or as a place where, you can be a coward and hurt someone, hey, but they still have the decency to see the decency in you, and, Jo, you are the most decent person I know, and you have incredible eyes and the sexiest voice, and a smile that breaks my heart, and if I'm gonna be a writer, I need someone like that around.- Dawson's Creek

Touch me again in my dreams 'til I feel; touch me again 'til I wake and it's real. - Carbon Leaf, "raise the roof"

She likes you, you like her, why do you have to make it so complicated? - Hannah Montana: The Movie

I've never been closer to anyone, and I don't know you at all. - All Good Things

I need you to trust me, and believe me when I tell you that my heart is with you. - One Tree Hill

Tell me all of your hopes, all of your dreams. I want you to take me there...I want to take you there. - Secondhand Serenade, "take me with you"

I love you. I know the other night didn't mean for you what it did for me, but I haven't stopped thinking about it since it happened, and just not because it was great--which it was--but because it was right. It was so right, Lor, and you might not see that right now, but I do, and if I have to wait until we're both 80 years old for you to see it, then I'll wait. I'm not going anywhere. This is it for me. You're it for me, and I can't pretend to feel any less than I do, I....I just can't.

I'm in love with your daughter Stephen. Maybe that doesn't mean anything to you but I'm standing here. You are her father, I am looking you in the eyes and I'm telling you I will do anything in the world to get your daughter back. - The Last Kiss

All right, well, here's the deal. Um, you have two options. You could, come up to my place... take off all your clothes... shower off the goo, borrow one of my shirts and I'll cook you dinner. That's door number one. Door number two... you go home. I, I think you ought to take door number one, because you know, it involves you naked in my apartment. But, you know, that's just me. - Grey's Anatomy

I know I'm not the best for you, but promise that you'll stay. Cause if I watch you go, you'll see me wasting, you'll see me wasting away. - Secondhand Serenade, "like a knife"

You're in love with me, and I think it's time that you came around. - az yet, "care for me"

What would you say if I asked you not to go. To forget everyone, forget everything and start over with me? - Matchbook Romance

If he ever gave me the chance to hold him, I wouldn't be able to. It would hurt too much to let him go.