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Have you ever wanted something really bad, but known that it was just out of your reach? Well, that is the way I feel about him. All my life I have been told to do everything I could, to always reach past my limits and soar. I've backed down from every opportunity for a good relationship that I've ever had. Well, this time I'm going for it. No matter what I have to do, I'm going to get this. Why so suddenly do I feel this way? Because I love him with all my heart and I'm not scared anymore.

You've got to risk love. It doesn't mean that you're never going to get hurt but the pain you feel will never compare to the regret that comes from walking away from love. - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

I've been hiding out for a long time. And the only thing that I have to show for that is loneliness and what I'm afraid to admit to in the first place. It's a sad, wasteful way to live. So here it goes. I think that you are amazing and brilliant and you're also really funny and charming. And you're my best friend. I love you. - General Hospital

Nobody goes through this life and does everything perfectly. We're all gonna fail so you might as well make a mistake with me. - Brad Paisley, "Make a mistake"

'I have no clue where this is going or where it even can go, but I would like for us to find out.' - The Heat Seekers by Zane

I don't wanna be friends, I can hate ya or love ya for the rest of my life. Those are the choices as I see it! - Boy Meets World

How could I have been so blind? You liked me, and I was too ignorant to see it. Now you like her, and I would give up everything just to tell you how I feel, and have you feel the same way again.

It's safe to fall if you just trust the ground that you stand on -- I swear I would never let you down. - Midtown

I think he's good for you. But it's not going to be perfect. He's not perfect, and God knows you're not perfect. But marriage is not about always being happy, and often it's about not being happy at all. It's about compromise, which is not your strong suit. Marriage is about swallowing your pride sometimes, about doing what he wants. It's not always about winning an argument, which may make you sad because that's what you love, but....I just don't want to see you ruin this. Marriage is serious business, Lorelai, and if you don't take this very seriously, then this whole thing is going to fall apart faster than you could possibly imagine. Then he'll be gone, and you'll be alone again.

My mommy told me I could be anything I ever wanted to be. I wanna be his girl.

Take your coat and shoes off. Come and sit beside me. We could talk for hours... or we could just do nothing. - Jann Arden, 'sleepless'

Hang on to me and I'll hang on to you. - Carbon Leaf, "the sea"

I realized that it doesn't matter whether we last a week, a month, a year, or we end right now; I'm happy when I'm around him. I'm so happy that it scares me. It hurts to think that it might not work, I won't deny that. Once you've been shattered as many times as I have, you can't imagine there's a person out there that's not out to break your heart. But I truly believe he isn't. I don't have a doubt in my mind that his intentions are anything short of honorable. He doesn't tell me how he feels a lot which makes me quite nervous because I've been in relationships where nothing was said and it seemed fine before it was over. I don't want to give up--not just because I've been hurt in the past. Not every person who enters my life is going to hurt me. I just wish that I would have realized this a while ago... I might have saved some heartbreak on my part due to the fact that I was too scared to allow myself to become attached. I'm sick of being scared. I just want to be... and let my

'if you had to do it all over -- and knowing how everything would turn out with us -- would you marry me again?' - The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

I know what I want. I want him. And only him. - JoAnne Golden

Sometimes there could be a second chance, 'cause maybe time wasn't ready for the first one.

If I let you love me, be the one adored... would you go all the way? Be the one I

So come on and face it. It's time that we say it. You can cross the line whenever you want to. - John Mayer

So you see, this world doesn't matter to me; I'll give up all I had just to breathe the same air as you till the day that I die. - Secondhand Serenade, "A Twist in my Story"

Let me tell you something about love, Millicent Huxtable. It does not knock often. And when it does, you have to let it in. You are a wonderful friend. And you're smart, and you're beautiful, and it is gonna suck to lose you, but there is a boy out there who loves you. And I know that you love him back. So, now you have to get your wacky ass out of my store. - One Tree Hill