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"Well, what am I supposed to think? You're like the king of mixed signals." - Party of Five

"what do I win a medal? I win the big commitment cook-off and you run away?!" - Reality Bites

"A couple hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin shared with the world the secret of his success: 'Never leave that till tomorrow,' he said,' which you can do today.' This is the man who discovered electricity. You'd think more of us would listen to what he had to say. I don't know why we put things off, but if I had to guess, I'd say it has a lot to do with fear. Fear of failure, fear of pain, fear of rejection. Sometimes, the fear is just of making a decision. Because, what if you're wrong? What if you're making a mistake you can't undo?" - Grey's Anatomy

"If you are going to love me, love me deeply. If you break my heart, then break it all. If you are going to care, care for me completely. If you decide not to hold me, then just let me fall. If you are going to stay, then stay forever. And if you want to leave, then do it today. If you are going to change, change for the better. And if you are going to talk, then please mean what you say."

I said tonight was about moving forward. What did you think that meant? You can't think that's all I wanted. Of course I want more. - Dawson's Creek

“So now I know how you feel. And I kind of know how I feel. I don’t want to start things if they won’t be finished, but I don’t want to turn my back on what could be the best decision I ever made. So I just sit here, in awkward silence, trying to decide [...] Quote No. 1,125

“No matter what you say I still can’t believe that you would walk away.” – Taylor Swift, “a perfectly good heart” Quote No. 1,041

“He was my escape, and sometimes that can feel an awful lot like love.” – Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin Quote No. 875

“Please just don’t play with me. My paper heart will bleed.” – All-American Rejects, “my paper heart” Quote No. 360

“That’s the point. You don’t need help. There’s nothing to figure out here. There’s only what you feel.” – Dawson’s Creek