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"I just can't express my feelings because words don't say it right. thoughts of you are in my head every day and every night."

"I love the way you make me laugh even when nothing's funny."

"If he felt what I felt then he would know how it feels to feel like this." - My Best Friends Wedding

"there are two types of girls: the ones you grow out of and the ones you grow into. I really hope I'm the latter." - Smallville

"Get over here and warm my hands up, boy, it's you they love to hold." -Jewel

"I'm tugging at my hair. I'm pulling at my clothes. I'm tryin to keep my cool, I know it shows. I'm staring at my feet. my cheeks are turning red. I'm searching for the words inside my head. I'm feeling nervous trying to be so perfect, cause I know you're worth it." - Avril Lavigne

"I'm just that girl, you know the one who...well...has a little tiny, but so BIG.. love for your smile."

"You're all, uh, mushy and warm... and full of secret feelings." - Grey's Anatomy

"It saddens me to see how deep I've fallen when I wasn't even supposed to be at the edge to begin with."

"When you love someone and they don't love you back, it's hard to find a way to keep yourself on track. It leaves you broken hearted and hurts so much. I guess that's why they call it a crush."

"I get a feeling I can't explain whenever your eyes meet mine." - Joey Fatone

"Every time that I'm where you are you walk in and my strength walks out the door." - LeAnn Rimes, "right kind of wrong"

"You know, you could save me a lot of trouble by just going out with me." - Dawson's Creek

"My life is ever so very messed up. I know you think that I'm head-over-heels in love with you but it's just a crush...a crush that's crushing me."

"You're beautiful, do you know that? I think we've met. Maybe in a dream I had? Or maybe I just want to know you so badly that I'll say anything right now." -Sam's Letters to Jennifer

"Oh, God, she's perfect." - Dawson's Creek

"It must have been a rainy day when you where born, except it wasn't really raining. It was the sky who was crying because it lost his most beautiful star: YOU!"

"It's not supposed to be easy. That's why they call it a crush."

"just when I gave up all hope, you came and gave me butterflies." - Roswell

"He's the kind of beautiful that gives you butterflies."