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"The more I am away from you, the more I want you here. The more I am away from you, the more I want you near. I know it makes little sense, to want what's not around, but there's just one true love for me, and that's the one I found."

"No matter the distance that separates our bodies, we will always be connected by our heart and soul. Miles and time can't stop what we have. It's a bond that lasts after everything else in my life has gone wrong. And we both know someday we'll be together all the time, but for now, I'm content to love you from a distance, because it makes every moment I spend in your arms all the more precious. I love you."

"We may be further apart then we'd hoped, but distance will never stop my feelings for you."

"The sky has lost it's color, the sun has turned grey, at least that's what it feels to me, whenever you're away." - Evan and Jaron, "the distance"

"Tonight I resign myself to missing you for I know I have the rest of my life to wake up next to you."

"People who have slept in the same bed for twenty-five years may not be truly joined, and people who are many miles apart may not separate at all." -a return to love

"Where you are is where I want to be. And through your eyes all the things I wanna see, and in the night you are my dream . . . you're everything to me." - Dave Matthews Band

"You're right. We should never say goodbye. Because we're gonna write to each other every day and call each other and it'll be like we're not even apart." - Boy Meets World

"when I'm weak I draw strength from you. And when you're lost I know how to change your mood. When I'm down you breathe life over me. Even though we're miles apart. . . we are each other's destiny."

"We are forced to separate for some time, but don't be sad, for it's just a test of true love."

"You know that I can't stop counting all the days that you're not here to stay. You know I miss you more, more than yesterday."

"Whenever we're apart, it feels like a part of me is missing. Then, I remember, you have my heart."

"Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you. Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks, I will be right here ... waiting for you." - Richard Marx, "right here waiting"

"'saying goodbye to you today is the hardest thing i'll ever have to do, and when i get back, i can honestly swear that i'll never do it again. i love you now for what we've already shared, and i love you now in anticipation for all that's to come. you are the best thing that ever happened to me. i miss you already, but i'm sure in my heart that you'll be with me always. in the few days i spent with you, you became my dream.'" - nights in rodanthe by nicholas sparks

"Every minute with you feels like a second of heaven, but every second without you feels like an eternity of pain."

"You said you'd be back after you said goodbye. I have to believe that it wasn't a lie and you'll be here again." - Amanda Marshall, "wishful thinking"

"Brooke: I'm scared. What if we ruin it? Julian: What are you talking about? Brooke: The feeling that I get when I see you after a month...and the way my heart aches when I smell your skin. I don't want it to go away. Julian: It won't. We won't let it." - One Tree Hill

"Between the distance that I fear, and the heartache of you not being here, our love is strong enough to make it through -- because there is only enough space in my heart for one, and I'm giving that space to you."

"You can say goodbye next time you say hello." - Boy Meets World

"So hold me in your arms before I leave you. I'll be back as soon as time allows."- Juliana Theory, "You Always Say Goodnight, Goodnight"