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"I finally found someone who knocks me off my feet; I finally found the one who makes me feel complete. It started over coffee; we started out as friends. It's funny how from simple things, the best things begin." - Barbara Streisand and Bryan Adams, "I finally found someone"

"I can't believe I've found you. You're all I've waited for. Who knew a simple friendship could turn into something more?"

"You're not my friend, friends don't look at each other like we do, you're not my friend, friends don't touch each other the way we do, you're not my friend, friends don't kiss like we do, so then what are you?" - Allison Mosher

I've been hiding out for a long time. And the only thing that I have to show for that is loneliness and what I'm afraid to admit to in the first place. It's a sad, wasteful way to live. So here it goes. I think that you are amazing and brilliant and you're also really funny and charming. And you're my best friend. I love you. - General Hospital

I want you to look at me and see the person you've always known and realize that what we have is so much more incredible than just some passing physical attraction. - Dawson's Creek

I said a lot of really crappy things the other night and I'm sorry about that. I haven't been a very good friend to you and I'm sorry, ok. The truth is that I'm afraid to be your friend because I'm always gonna want more. But then I got to thinking that I'd rather have you in my life as a friend than not at all. You know, that's a lie too. I want to take you out on a date. And I don't care if it's in the day or at night or whenever as long as it's a real date. And I want to tell you how beautiful I think you are, inside and out. And I want to have babies with you, and I want to marry you and I love you, I always have. - Just Friends

“‘We can be just mates or I’ll love you forever. And you have to choose, or I’ll die.’” – A Promising Man and About Time, Too by Elizabeth Young

“Falling in love with your friend is like going into a pool…you can test the water and decide its too cold, or you can just jump in. the only problem with jumping in is you may never get fully dry. I jumped right in, and you threw me out…and you didn’t even hand me a [...] Quote No. 167

“She’s great. I mean she’s…she’s smart. She’s beautiful. She’s funny. She’s a big ol’ scaredy cat. If you creep up behind her she’ll jump out of her skin. It’s pretty amusing. Um, she’s honest. She always calls them just like she sees them. You can always count on getting the truth from Joey even if [...]