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Love Triangle Archive Quote No. 1,225

“I know there was so much crap during the end of our relationship and things seemed like there was no solution but to walk away from it all, but I really regret that now. I think in the back of my head, or at least in the back of my heart I always saw us [...] Quote No. 1,078

“he managed to do one thing I couldn’t: move on.” Quote No. 1,022

“Why should I care if you found somebody new? And you look like you’re in love. And why should I care if she looks a lot like me? And she’s all you’ve ever dreamed of. I didn’t care enough to keep you around, so tell me why should I care now?” – Sara Evans, “Why [...] Quote No. 1,008

“We kept going back to each other, as if it would work out better the next time around. I think I got used to that. Knowing that no matter what happened, we would always be there for each other. If we broke up, there would be nothing that would stop us from being back together [...] Quote No. 1,004

“You used to treat me like I was special. Now you’ve found someone else and she gets to be the special one. You can’t just throw me out of your mind. It doesn’t work like that. Besides, what are you going to do when whatever you have with this someone ends? Because it will. You’re [...] Quote No. 732

“Look, I am seeing someone right now – who, by the way, is great – and yet there’s this other woman who I cannot get out of my head. She’s totally unavailable, which may be why I can’t get her out of my head, and maybe, and this is a whole new theory – I [...] Quote No. 309

“Carrie: I’m also smoking again. I’m smoking and sleeping with Big. Feel free to delete me out of your palm pilot. Miranda: Gimme one. Carrie: Really? Miranda: I think I need it. Carrie: Oh, you are such a good friend.” – Sex and the City

LUAQuotes Quote No. 12

“You want to talk to me, please? Fine. . . so this is how it ends??? A ten year friendship that survived two dead moms, three absentee parents, shop lifting, jail time. . . . and we can’t survive one boy?” – One Tree Hill