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"Just so you know, I don't blame you for hitting on my husband. He's a good looking guy, and he's an adult, I trust him to make his own decisions. But don't hit on my kids. Ever again." - Cashmere Mafia

"I've got your picture that you gave to me and it's signed 'with love,' just like it used to be. The only thing different, the only thing new: I've got your picture, she's got you." - LeAnn Rimes, "she's got you"

"I thought she was perfect. she thought I was perfect too, perfect until she found someone new. now I'm stuck here watching her. I can't take this abuse. what does this guy do that I can't do?." - plain white t's, "take me away"

"Karl, when we began this affair, we agreed to be discreet. Do you know what discreet means? No skywriting!" - Desperate Housewives

"your will chooses me. Your heart chooses him." - first knight

"That night didn't mean anything to you. You're still with her. And it's never going to change. You love her. And I knew you did...yet, I still surrendered myself to your embrace. Devouring every word you said....believing you still loved me, and you regretted being with her. But, it's not true. Because, things haven't changed like you promised. It didn't go from her to me. You stayed with her, and, even though you'll never admit it -- you want to. I'm not even an obstacle. You've broken every promise you've ever made me....why did I think this time would be any different? Well, I'll do you a favor... I'll let you go so you can be with her. Don't even worry about me. I was just good for that one night." - JoAnne Golden

"George: Is it possible, do you think, to love two people at the same time? Burke: I'm still hoping it's possible to love one." - Grey's Anatomy

"And then I realized, twenty something girls are just fabulous until you see one with the a man who broke your heart." - Sex and the City

"it was good, good to see you again; good to meet your girlfriend. I'll try not to wonder where you are when you go outside to kiss her in the front seat of your car." - Ani DiFranco, 'good, bad, ugly'

"I'd be out of line telling you, 'leave her.' So I lie lonely surrounded by you." - Michelle Branch, "hotel paper"

"I love you, okay? Is that so bad? I love you and she doesn't- she never did. Yet, you love her and not me. What's wrong with this picture?" - Melissa Rokyta

"Oh it always looked so innocent. Talkin' about bein' just friends. Oh and it don't make a bit of sense. Ain't that the way it always ends." - Tim McGraw, "Ain't That the Way it Always Ends"

"Charlotte: That makes you the other woman, you're the other woman. Carrie: I'm not the other woman, I'm not. I mean I know I am, but, I'm not that woman." - Sex and the City

"What's wrong with me? It's like I want you when I can't have you, and now that I can have you, I don't want you."

"I've been living in a dream that seems so real... last night I find a lover undercover in my sheets, didn't get outta bed for weeks... Romeo's got nothin on me." - K.G.B.

"you can tell yourself as much as you want that you feel nothing. You're lying. There's no way you can tell me you felt nothing when you saw me with him. i saw it. i know something hit you. you felt pain, i watched you hurt.. and for the first time.. I'm glad." - sasha d

"Even if I am responsible for scaring them away, you really ought to thank me. I was doin' you a favor. 'Cause it never woulda worked out anyway." - Brad Paisley, "it never woulda worked out anyway"

"Baby don't you try to hold my hand. Maybe you should keep your eyes on your new girlfriend." - Kelly Clarkson, "chivas"

"While they dance, how she holds him, pulls him close, while he dreams of another and counts the days until he lets her go, same old story that everybody knows . . .one heart holding on, and the other letting go." - Garth Brooks, "Same Old Story"

"If you love two people, than you don't love either one enough."