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"You've had my heart since hello. Nothing will ever change that. Not distance, not time, not space. Nothing will ever take my heart away from you." - Jerry Maguire

"We stood at the altar, repeating our vows for life: For better or worse, forever a husband and wife. Love's not always easy and dreams don't all come true. Why'd you lose your faith in me? I never gave up on you." - Toby Keith, "you don't anymore"

"I don't want to get married because I see how my parents are." - Reality Bites

"Julian: That ring looks sexy on you. Brooke: You look sexy on me." - One Tree Hill

I would rather fight with you than make love to anyone else. - The Wedding Date

I love you. I've loved you for nine years, I've just been too arrogant and scared to realize it, and ... well, now I'm just scared. So, I realize this comes at a very inopportune time but I really have this gigantic favor to ask of you. Choose me. Marry me. Let me make you happy. Oh, that sounds like three favors, doesn't it? - My Best Friend's Wedding

'if you had to do it all over -- and knowing how everything would turn out with us -- would you marry me again?' - The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks

Forever always seems to be around when it begins but forever never seems to be around when it ends. So give me your forever, please your forever, not a day less will do from you. People spend so much time every single day runnin' round all over town givin' their forever away. But no not me, I won't let my forever roam and now I hope I can find my forever a home. So give me your forever, please your forever, not a day less will do from you. - Ben Harper

When my 60 seconds came around I realized I had everything I ever wanted... but nothing I really needed. and I think what I need is here. and I came all this way to see if you maybe think so too. If you do, well... I don't really have plans past that, which is new for me. So, Declan O'Callhan and I should probably learn your middle name, here is my proposal: I propose we not make plans, I propose we give this thing a chance and let it work out how it works out. so what do you say, do you wanna not make plans with me? - Leap Year

I think he's good for you. But it's not going to be perfect. He's not perfect, and God knows you're not perfect. But marriage is not about always being happy, and often it's about not being happy at all. It's about compromise, which is not your strong suit. Marriage is about swallowing your pride sometimes, about doing what he wants. It's not always about winning an argument, which may make you sad because that's what you love, but....I just don't want to see you ruin this. Marriage is serious business, Lorelai, and if you don't take this very seriously, then this whole thing is going to fall apart faster than you could possibly imagine. Then he'll be gone, and you'll be alone again.

I was married, once. I married the first man I truly loved. Thought we had this whole fairy tale thing going on. It was, he was amazing. We were amazing. And then he did something, something stupid and thoughtless and mean. Kinda something I was not willing to forgive. So I left him and I left him behind and I went on and I live this whole other life now. And it

Let's start our lives right now today. I have no idea what this life is gonna look like, but I know it has the both of us in it, and I choose us. - Family Man

“Look, I was married for 11 years. Addison is my family. That is 11 Thanksgiving’s, birthdays, and 11 Christmas’s and in one day I am supposed to sign a piece of paper and end my family? A person doesn’t do that, not without a little hesitation. I’m entitled to a little uncertainty here. Just a [...]

“You two are crazy to get married. Marriage ruins everything.” -Sex and the City

“I got married and I’m scared that it was a bad idea.” – Grey’s Anatomy

“Ever since we said ‘I love you’ to each other, I’ve been feeling all this pressure, and wondering about the future – our future. Like, are we gonna get married? Are we gonna have kids? If so, how many, and when will I get my figure back? Should I keep working? Where’re we gonna live? [...]

“No, I’m just, I guess I’m afraid that after I get married everything’s gonna change.” – Boy Meets World Quote No. 168

“When you’re getting married you start thinking about all your big moments, and you were in all mine.” – Something Borrowed

LUAQuotes Quote No. 42

“I’ll always be beside you, till the very end, wiping all your tears away, being your best friend. I’ll smile when you smile, and feel all the pain you do. And if you cry, I promise: I’ll cry too.”