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"What if your life was devoted to someone? What if you thought they felt the same? What if you were right and they told you who it was? What if it wasn't your name?"

"But you're married. Which makes none of this normal. It makes me a home wrecker and I hate the fact that I'm a home wrecker." - Grey's Anatomy

"I wonder what kinda life I would have had if I hadn't married you, and then I realize I've just erased all the things in my life that I'm sure about: you." - Family Man

"I love you. I love you not because you're adorable or because you're sweet, or because you're my best friend. I love you because you make me step outside myself and look at who I really am. You make me want to be a better person, just because you are who you are. I can tell you absolutely everything and I know you will listen. And you're one of my best friends. But I will keep all of this to myself because I love you, but you do not love me...I wish that I could make you love me, but I cannot. That is why these words will be forever lost in my memories, never to be spoken aloud: I love you."

"I don't know what to say to you. You mean the world to me. And you know it's true, one day you make me feel like a million dollars and the next like dog shit on the bottom of your shoe. You make me smile, laugh and sing, at the same time you make me cry and scream. I don't know why you do this to me, and I really don't know why I let you do this to me. I guess it's because every time I start to lose hope you give it back to me, you make me think there is a chance again. If you asked me today what is tomorrow going to be like, I would tell you that there would be no more you and me, that I was not going to take your crap and let you walk all over me. Then tomorrow comes, and you give me one look, you know that look, the one that makes me melt right there and I have hope again. This happens again, and again. At first I thought it was all your fault, but now I know it's mine. The only thing you're doing to

"People always talk about that moment when they fell for their best friend. There never was a moment for me and mine. I've always loved him." - Michelle Burns

"Sitting there wedged between my dream girl and my significant other, one thought kept rolling back and forth through my mind: 'Dear God, what have I done?'" - The Wonder Years

"Jealousy is a funny thing. I never considered myself a jealous person but you're bringing out traits in myself I never knew. The ways she has you, that makes me jealous. The way you hug her, that makes me jealous. The way you love and kiss her, that makes me jealous."

"There's someone else I'm finally thinking of. Someone else's smile is taking over my heart. I'm trying so hard not to let you know that I still am trying to let go. I'll be damned if I let you know...that I still find it hard to sleep at night. Someone else is making me smile but that doesn't mean I haven't stopped crying for you."

"No! I would rather you weren't involved with someone when we finally sleep together!" - Dawson's Creek

"Why is it so impossible to be faithful?" - 90210

"He closes with, 'I miss us'--which is more powerful and compelling than merely missing me--especially because I feel the same way. I miss us, too. I always have, and probably always will. Overcome with grief and the sense of impending, final loss, I touch his hand. Sometimes there are no happy endings. No matter what, I'll be losing something, someone." - Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin

"There are a lot of things you have done that hurt me, but I think the one that has hurt me the most is the time I stood and watched you ask her to our song."

"You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy. Somebody who's not going to complicate your life. Somebody who won't hurt you. He's the better guy. Meredith, Finn's the better guy." - Grey's Anatomy

"Because one day, when the time is right, I'm gonna tell him how he drove me right into your arms. And that's gonna kill him." - Desperate Housewives

"Here...I wanna marry you because you're the first person that I wanna look at when i wake up in the morning and the only one I wanna kiss goodnight, because...the first time that i saw these hands i couldn't imagine not being able to hold them but mainly when you love someone as much as i love you getting married is the only thing left to do, so... will you... hum... marry me?" - Definitely, Maybe

"When friends fall in love, it means they are meant for each other. But when friends fall out of love, it means they want to keep each other forever."

"I can't believe I've found you, you're all I've waited for. Who knew a simple friendship, could turn into something more?"

"I know you think of me as just a friend, and that crossing that line is the furthest thing from an option you'd ever consider. But I have to say it...I can't stand next to you without wanting to hold you. I can't look into your eyes without feeling that longing you only read about in trashy romance novels. I can't talk to you without wanting to express my love for everything you are..." - Chasing Amy

"I don't know, for a while, I had this tiny smidge of hope that one day, we'd be together again. But, last night, when we talked...I knew. I just knew you were in love with her. The kind of love that stays all I'm left with is a broken heart and shattered hopes and dreams." - JoAnne Golden