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So Wrong, So Right Archive Quote No. 1,479

“I want your warmth, but it will only make me colder when it’s over, baby.” – Fiona Apple, ‘Love Ridden’ Quote No. 1,466

“I can’t give up you. Not yet. It seems like every time I think I can live without having you, you make me fall even deeper. You drive me crazy in that way. I can’t let go of you, but what’s harder is that I can’t have you.” Quote No. 1,373

“How am I supposed to feel? What exactly should I do? I know you’re no good for me, yet still I’m loving you.” – Tamia Quote No. 1,347

“Well, I know I miss him and sometimes when we’re just hanging out I want to pull him into my arms and never let him go. But I also know that he doesn’t treat me like I deserve to be treated, but then there are those times when he says just the right things or [...] Quote No. 1,229

“it’s like a fucking drug deal.  i’m sitting here waiting.  i’m calling you back, and you won’t call me back, and it’s fucked up, but at the same time, it just made me want you even worse.” Quote No. 823

“Many days I’ve cried ’cause of the things you do, thought I could die, from the thought of losing you.” – Musiq Soulchild Quote No. 784

“Now all I can do is just wait for the other shoe to drop, you know, just wait for you to realize what a big mistake you’ve made, wait for you to realize I’m just gonna be a big disappointment.” – Dawson’s Creek Quote No. 759

“Please don’t say I love you, those words touch me much too deeply, and they make my core tremble. Don’t think you realize the power you have over me. And please don’t come so close, it just makes me want to make you near me always. Please don’t kiss me so sweet, it makes me [...] Quote No. 746

“I understand what you’re trying to say that–you’re the pig. That you are committed. Only we broke up. And I’ve been wanting to hear this from you for how long and you say this to me only after we’ve broken up– I’m out of my element here, I break bones for a living, I used [...] Quote No. 730

“There are two types of guys: ones that are too scared to admit they love you and ones that admit they love you but are then too scared to stay around.” – Kaitlyn Quote No. 729

“I’m hoping that if I tell myself not to fall in love, something inside me will understand.” Quote No. 271

“The world is filled with unlikely friendships. Odd pairings that to the casual observer make absolutely no sense at all. But if you look closer, we can see why these alliances form. After all, a shared purpose can give even mortal enemies common ground.” – Desperate Housewives