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"If you love me like you tell me, please be careful with my heart. You can take it, just don't break it, or my world will fall apart."

"Don't promise me forever; don't promise me the sun and sky. Don't pretend to know you'll never make me cry. Just hold me now and promise me you'll try." - Jennifer Lopez

"A temporary thing requiring no stressful tests to see how my past might repeat itself in my future with him." - Ask Again Later by Jill A. Davis

"As he listened, Tom began to realize that these stories weren't routinely told. These were stories one had to earn. He could feel the wall coming down. He wondered if anyone else had made it this far. Which is why the next six words changed everything." - (500) Days of Summer

"You shouldn't kiss me like this unless you mean it like that. Cause I'll just close my eyes and I won't know where I'm at." - Toby Keith, "you shouldn't kiss me like this"

"Oh, he's just so wonderful. I gotta tell you, if I'm not careful this guy could still my heart." - Desperate Housewives

"I know your story because I've seen you before. It was like de ja vu when you walked through the doors. Like a movie I've seen a million times, where I can tell you all the lines. They say history repeats itself. I know how things are gonna turn out. My brain says no look the other way, but I don't listen anyway." - The Eyeliners, "johnny * lockheart"

"To be completely honest: you're not like all the rest."

"There is no better loss than to lose myself in you."

"You have come into my life through a door I was afraid would never be opened again. For many have slammed it on their way out. So please feel free to stay as long as you'd like. But should the time come that you must leave, please, close the door gently as you go."

"At a crowded restaurant way across town, he waited impatiently. When she walked in, their eyes met ...and they both stared. And right there and then everyone else disappeared...but one boy, one girl--two hearts beating wildly. To put it mildly it was love at first sight. He smiled, she smiled, and they knew right away: This was the day they'd waited for all their lives. And for a moment the whole world revolved around one boy and one girl." - Collin Raye, "one boy, one girl"

"Something 'bout the way you looked at me made me think for a moment that maybe we were meant to be ." - Michelle Branch, "desperately"

“The thing is, you’re right. I can’t really imagine it happening, but I am gonna leave someday. It could be a year, or two, or fifty. But I’m gonna leave. But there is one thing that I can promise you, and that is that I can give you now.” – Roswell

“I know that was our first date, but next time, don’t be afraid to put a little feeling into it.” – Scrubs

“Be easy with me. I’m fragile, I’m easily broken. Be careful with me. I’m a fighter, and you’re a cheat, and you’re a liar. Be easy with me. Don’t trip my wire, cause I’m a freak and I’m on fire…”

“You make me nervous. . . and that hasn’t happened for so long.”

“Now I’m standing on a mountain of rubble that once was a wall, took years to build around me, and you came along and you tore it down like it was nothing at all.  Now it’s a little scary learning to fall.” – Martina McBride, “learning to fall”

“It feels odd. You know, I’m used to the hunt, and this is effortless. It’s, just, it’s freaking me out.” – Sex and the City

“So, please, just be patient. I’m so afraid to care about someone. I know it seems like I’m this strong girl who can get through everything, but inside I’m very fragile. I’ve had so many things thrown at me, and each one has only made a crack. What I’m afraid of is shattering.”

“I bet you built me up this high just so I could crash a little harder.” – Days Away