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"Maybe the fact that we hate each other, is because we still love each other."

"After all the stops and starts, we keep coming back to these two hearts. Two angels rescued from the fall, and after all that we've been through, it all comes down to me and you. I guess it's meant to be, forever, you and me, after all." - Peter Cetera

"'It's true,' he says. 'Ellen . . . I don't know how I let you get away . . . ' I give him a small smile, feeling very bashful as I marvel how such a simple statement can be so healing and thrilling and unsettling, all at once." - Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin

"Maybe I wasn't asking you to love me, maybe I was asking you to understand, because for so long I've been hurt and for so long you've ignored it, and maybe it is bad timing, but maybe, I don't care. I've been here all along just waiting, waiting for you to notice, waiting for you to care. Waiting for you to say that you've been waiting too, and you haven't and maybe you never will or maybe you're afraid to. But it all hurts the same, and in the end, I'm the one that's left broken and when I lay down to sleep, I'm still the one crying, so screw the bad timing. I've loved you then, like I love you now, like I probably always will."

"So maybe it all happened for a reason, you going with her, me going with him and in the end you and I going back to each other." - Allison Mosher

"'Its an interesting feeling you know?'-Cory 'What knowing its over?'-Shawn 'No being the only guy in the world who knows its not.'-Cory" - Boy Meets World

"It's hard to breathe and my heart is sinking. I'm slipping fast as I am reaching for you. It's gonna hurt cause I have been there before." - LeAnn Rimes, "review my kisses"

See, that's the thing. Every time I try to forget the feelings that I have for you, they just... they just keep coming back, and now they're back, and I don't want to push them down anymore. I don't wanna run away from us. Because I never want to lose you again, I just want to be with you, next to you, wherever you are. And I'm sorry that it took me so long to figure it out, I really am, because I hate all the time that we lost and I know it's my fault and I just really hope that you can forgive me.

“See, that’s the thing about second chances. It’s two people that are there for each other and support each other and care about each other no matter how much they want to deny it. It’s about one person doing everything they can to make sure the other doesn’t fall and vice-versa. Second chances are about [...] Quote No. 1,330

“Maybe I was trying too hard, but I didn’t want to miss my chance to dance with you, to hold you, to make you remember what it’s like between us. I thought if only I could make tonight perfect. . . ” – Dawson’s Creek Quote No. 842

“Brooke: Haley still loves you. All you have to do is take her back.  Nathan: Right. Kind of like with you and Lucas? You see! It’s not so easy getting back in the ring. Especially with the one who knocked you out in the first place.” – One Tree Hill Quote No. 757

“I wanted to tell him that I was afraid he could never love me the way I wanted to be loved. I was afraid that maybe he didn’t really have the capacity to love anyone but himself. I was afraid that given the chance, he’d break my heart again. But I cheated and just said, [...] Quote No. 524

“Appreciate the good times, but don’t take the worst for granted. ’cause you only get so many second chances.” – The Ataris, “eight of nine”