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"So I hope you all will see, there just isn't a place here for me. I look around and feel like somebody must be fucking with me. I just can't take any of you seriously, and I can't keep keeping myself company." - Liz Phair, 'batmobile'

"As much as I feel sad, I think it's the not knowing that really bothers me." - Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

"I try to grab hold of reality, but somehow it keeps escaping me."

"I know I act like I don't care, but it's just a cover-up because I care too much to tell anyone." - Justine

"The real me used to laugh all night lying in the grass just talking about love. But lately I've been jaded life got so complicated."- Jessica Simpson, "with you"

"Will someone tell me what it takes to be happy?" - The Ataris

"There's so many fish in the sea, and they all look like me. I'm just a tiny little fish, and that's all I'll ever be." - Reel Big Fish

"We all need something we consider worth getting up in the morning for. Whether it's real or not; healthy or destructive; tangible or false is irrelevant. since when you've got nothing to hang onto, deception can seem pretty inviting."

"'i sort of feel like someone's knocked the wind out of me, i guess,' i say. 'like an i told-you-so kind of thing coming from my subconscious. if that makes sense. every time i think about it, you know i feel sick. i feel like I'm incapable of making a right choice.'" Girls' Poker Night by Jill A. Davis

"And there's too much going on, but it's calm under the waves, in the blue of my oblivion." - Fiona Apple, 'Sullen Girl'

"Man it takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has. Lord it takes a lonely one to wish that she had never dreamt at all." - Dashboard Confessional, "carve your heart out yourself"

"When you attempt suicide ... and you fail ... it's like this big dissapointment ... because it's one more thing you can't do right." - Jacqueline Kelly

"I'm afraid that I don't have any more fight left inside of me, I clawed and scraped to save it, but the battle was just too big for me to handle."

"Sometimes I would give anything just to be something more than nothing."

"Some days you think you can hold it together.. other days you just gotta let it go.."

"I am feeling the need to do some drinking. Actually, I'm feeling the need to do some crying, but my tear ducts seem to be too proud, so I am going to do some drinking instead." - Grey's Anatomy

"I realize I'm in one of those stages where I'm mad at the world, I'm like daring the world to push me off a cliff...just to see if I can fly."

"I know days like this will have an end, but just know that I'll be back again. This place is awful, but it's familiar." - Bane

"too much to find, so much so little time. so many images persist to shade my mind. will I ever come around or will I just hit the ground? will I still be standing when it all comes down? why can't I seem to sort it out? why am I always filled with doubt?" -AFI

"It all keeps adding up." - Green Day