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"Just sitting here on the corner of

All right, well, here's the deal. Um, you have two options. You could, come up to my place... take off all your clothes... shower off the goo, borrow one of my shirts and I'll cook you dinner. That's door number one. Door number two... you go home. I, I think you ought to take door number one, because you know, it involves you naked in my apartment. But, you know, that's just me. - Grey's Anatomy

LUAQuotes Quote No. 74

“Why can’t you be happy for me and then go home and talk about me behind my back like a normal person?” – Bridesmaids

LUAQuotes Quote No. 38

“Can I say something? And don’t take this the wrong way because you know I’ll be your friend no matter what. You’ve been kind of depressing to be around lately and I might start avoiding you in the hallway. Just thought you should know.” – No Strings Attached

LUAQuotes Quote No. 26

“To all the ‘friends’ in my life: the next time you wonder why it is that I’m so pessimistic or untrusting, just remember that it was you who made me this way.”- Christina Treco

LUAQuotes Quote No. 14

“I know you – you were one of those who talked shit, made lives miserable posing to be a friend. One day it’ll come back to you and get you in the end.” – The Eyeliners, “high school”