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"Looking back, I have this to regret, that too often when I loved, I did not say so." - David Grayson

"everyone I've held in my arms I believed I've pushed away." - Juliana Theory, "as it stands"

"I flipped the cards over and saw hearts. I folded and said,

"When I was young I didn't notice the loneliness. As I got older, staying young became more and more difficult. Loneliness, I realized, was starting to make me old." - Mr. Fix It

"that's love. Lust is something completely different, and it feels like ages since I've been attracted to someone who feels the same way about me." - Mr. Maybe by Jane Green

"I had even purposely chosen relationships that I knew would have a limited shelf life because I wanted to be able to dump them at the drop of a hat." - My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike Gayle

"steel toed they walk, and I'm wondering why this fear of men ... maybe it's because I'm hungry, and like a baby I'm dependent on them to feed me." - Ani DiFranco, 'the slant'

"But it has always seemed to me that it must be heavenly to be loved blindly, passionately, wholly...worshipped in fact." - The Scarlet Pimpernel

"if not feeling heartache means not feeling anything, forget it! . . . I'll take all of love's pain, if it means I might get to feel some of love's happiness!" - Felicity

"I can feel it in my bones: I'm gonna spend my whole life alone." - Liz Phair, 'f*!@ and run'

"do you know what it feels like, being alone?" - the All-American Rejects

"when you run into the later loves, that's when things get scary. I mean, it's at that point you've got a potential keeper on your hands. and to me that means: run for your life; it could be final love." - Girls' Poker Night by Jill A. Davis

"I want someone to care so much even though I say I don't. I push people who start to love me away because I know that if they stopped loving me it would kill me but everything kills me anyways ."

"In my heart I know the answer that all the things I looked so hard to find were right here all along." - Amanda Marshall, "right here all along"

"I've had a lot of men in my life, but I never let myself fall in love before. I thought it was because I didn't want to get hurt but... Now I know the pain you feel isn't the worst part, it's the hate." - Desperate Housewives

"'I had the heart of a relationship, but no body to grow it in.'" - Judi Piccoult, "my sister's keeper"

"Many people fear bugs, for others it's roller coasters that scare them, but for me? No, nothing that simple. I fear the one thing that has ruined my life forever... a broken heart."

"I'd rather choose to fall in love and be hurt. Sometimes I can't even sleep because I love someone so much. And there's always sadness in our lives. It's that sad feeling that keeps us going. Because if we can overcome that sadness, we can hope for happiness in the future." - House

"The romantics would call this a love story, the cynics would call it a tragedy. In my mind it's a little bit of both, and no matter how you choose to view it in the end, it does not change the fact that it involves a great deal of my life and the path I've chosen to follow." - Nicholas Sparks, 'The Notebook'