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"I take pride in what I do, and I do it well." - The Ataris, "as we speak"

"Because I can and I am not afraid." -Gene Abella

"Sooner or later you come to the point where you have to choose who and what you want to be, and I made a decision not so long ago to be happy." - LeAnn Rimes, "sign of life"

"I didn't know until my soul broke free, I've got these angels watching over me." - Martina McBride, "happy girl"

"Do you ever just sit down and start writing? and everything going through your head just pours onto the paper, and when you reread it, it doesn't make sense, but you know it's meaning, cause your mind jumps around so much when you just let go, you lose all control. All of your heart, your soul, is on that paper, and you become so vulnerable to the world."

"For all the things in life I had to struggle through, yell through, things in life I just had to get through; I'm grateful for them. If I had a choice between living happily ignorant, knowing nothing about life and experiences, or a life with challenges, frustration and obstacles, I'd pick the second life. Without all the complications what would you ever learn? You would have no depth. In the second life, when things are harder, you only want to work harder, and once you accomplish what you want, the feeling is overwhelming and even greater than not having struggled through it at all."

"I'd like to believe that I've grown. I wanna move forward, I'm not interested in going back." - Grey's Anatomy

"It's just, in high school, knowledge was pretty much frowned upon. You really had to work to learn anything. But here, the energy, the collective intelligence... It's like this force, this penetrating force, and I can just feel my mind opening up, you know, and letting this place just thrust into and- and spurt knowledge into... That sentence ended up in a different place than it started out in. "

"I'm not sure of anyone, anyone. but I've got plans."- Dashboard Confessional, "anyone, anyone"

"I used to live in a darkened room; had a face of stone and a heart of gloom. Lost my hope, I was so far gone, crying all my tears with the curtains drawn. I didn't know until my soul broke free -- I've got these angels watching over me." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "happy girl"

"there's no way I trade a few more things that I could've crossed off my list for a day I'll never forget. No, I didn't get a thing done, but I sure soaked up every minute of the memory we were makin'. And I count it all as time well wasted." - Brad Paisley, "Time well wasted"

"That's me, I'm all about the silver lining." - Everwood

"I can't think of any one reason why I want to be a surgeon, but I can think of a thousand reasons why I should quit. They make it hard on purpose. There are lives in our hands. There comes a moment when it's more than just a game. And you either take that step forward or turn around and walk away. I could quit, but here's the thing... I love the playing field." - Grey's Anatomy

"I've got a heavy heart to carry but a very strong will." - Ani DiFranco, 'itch'

"I'm a trisexual. I'll try anything once." - Sex and the City

"I feel lucky, like I've been able to capture a feeling I've lost along the way." - Dawson's Creek

"I am beginning to measure myself in strength, not pounds. Sometimes in smiles." -Wintergirls

"I used to be afraid of so many things... that I'd never grow up, that I'd be trapped in the same place for all eternity, that my dreams would forever be shy of my reach. It's true what they say. Time plays tricks on you. One day you're dreaming, the next your dream has become your reality. And now that this scared little girl no longer follows me wherever I go, I miss her. I do. 'Cause there are things I wanna tell her-- to relax, to lighten up, that it is all going to be ok. I want her to know that meeting people who like you, who understand you, who actually accept you for who you are, will become an increasingly rare occurrence. Jen, Jack, Audrey, Andie, Pacey, and Dawson. These people who contributed to who I am, they are with me wherever I go, and as history gets rewritten in small ways with each passing day, my love for them only grows. Because the truth is... it was the best of times. Mistakes were made, hearts were broken, harsh lessons learned, but all of that has receded into fond memory now. How does it happen? Why

"'I don't want to leave the world in a state of fright. I want to know what's happening, accept it, get to a peaceful place, and let go.'" - Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom

"I had to decide that whatever happened I would be alright. That was the hardest decision I've ever made, the decision to protect myself no matter what happened." -marya hornbacher