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"I think I have finally come to understand why my life is like it is. All of the heartbreaks and disappointments are going to help me truly appreciate love, whenever it finds me." - Amanda Gattie

"I think -- therefore I'm single." - Lizz Winstead

"And sometimes in the moments right before sleep came, he wondered if he was destined to be alone forever." - Nicholas Sparks, 'The Notebook'

"I have learned a few things from my past, and I know someday I'll find a love that's going to last."

"He holds me when I start to cry, makes me smile with just his eyes, shares my hopes , dreams, and fears, wipes away all my tears, I love him without regret.. I just haven't found him yet .." - Krista Trzeszkowski

"Whenever I watch romantic movies, witness couples kiss and make-up, listen to love songs -- I smile and feel good 'cause I know that love still works, if not for me, at least to others."

"I think I was totally in love at one time. It felt good. When that stopped, it hurt a lot, but in the end, I think it has made me better for it and appreciate what it was. Love is a big deal to me. It'll come again eventually." - Leslie

"because quite frankly I'm sick of falling madly in love and spending twenty-four hours a day thinking about them and crying with misery when they don't phone. I'm sick of being the kind of girl who, when they say jump, asks how high. I'm sick of always, always being the one to fall in love and get hurt. And maybe this is how it should be, getting on with my life and not putting all my energies into a relationship." - Mr. Maybe by Jane Green

"Yeah, I'm alone, but I don't need happy couples walking down the hall together to remind me!" - Meggan Riley

"When I find a guy who sees what I am, and truly understands me...I'll know I've found the guy for me."

"Somewhere on earth...I've got a soul mate. He was made in heaven to fit me perfectly. He'd attend to my every need, he'd understand my emotions, and I would be happy. He's in my life...we just aren't ready for each other yet."

"The reason I can't get myself into a relationship is no matter how hard I try, no matter how bad I want to, I'm scared. I'm not scared of getting hurt, I'm scared of hurting someone else."

"Once she had someone who loved her back when she was younger, now she wonders if she held out a little bit too long. Back then there were so many, now there just aren't any. It seems like all the good ones are gone." - Pam Tillis, "All the Good Ones Are Gone"

"Seriously, I've never understood all that rubbish that married women tell you about not looking, because how can you not look when you're looking, and how can you really be happy on your own when you're not?"

"Somewhere, someone is looking for exactly what I have to offer."

"the Hole is what i worry about. i'm at the age where i notice that an awful lot of women fall into the Hole. All these nice, smart, fun, attractive women in their late thirties and upward--sitting in there, whining, moaning, hoping for escape. and for the most part, they aren't quite sure what happened to cause them to take the tumble. but once they have fallen in, they can't seem to find a way out again." - It's My F---ing Birthday by Merrill Markoe

"I've got this loneliness that's so relentless." - Tim McGraw, "I Guess You Get Used to Somebody"

"I've learned no matter how much I care, some guys are just assholes."

"I don't have someone to call my own." - MxPx

I'm very independent,' she said, 'i like being alone.'" - In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner