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“Something tells me that you’re gonna be a memory that follows me around for the rest of my life.”

“I know. I’m over Evan and I know I should be all Jennifer Aniston and rise above it but I just want to bite things.” – Greek

“I just wanted you to know, that you were happy once, with me.” -the butterfly effect

“Silence fills the airwaves once again, as I consider how to respond.  I know what I should say.  I should say that he’s right–it wouldn’t have made a difference.  I should tell him that he was too late, and I would have made the same decision that Margot made for me.  I should tell him [...]

“So I stoically waited, desperately clinging to the notion that ours was only a trial separation.  And, incredibly enough, my feelings became even more intense post-breakup.  If I was obsessed with Leo when I was with him, I was drowning in him afterward.  He occupied every minute of my day as I became a cliché [...]

“I’d awaken, and for a few, fleeting seconds, I’d actually believe that we were back together again.  That the breakup was the dream and that I had only to open my eyes and find him right there beside me.  Instead, grim reality would set in again.  Leo was moving on to a new life without [...]

“‘Every time someone asks me that question, Sharon, I say, ‘I’m fine, thank you,’ but to be honest, I’m not. Do people really want to know how you feel when they ask how are you? Or are they just trying to be polite?’ Holly smiled. “The next time the woman across the road from my [...]

“Maybe I made a huge mistake by going out with you. And maybe I was wrong to fall for you. But whatever I did wrong, the biggest mistake I made, was believing everything you said. By trusting you, I ended up giving you a piece of me, and letting you see a part of me [...]

“And I’m worried…I, I’m afraid that he took away my ability to believe. And I hate him for that. Because I always believed before. And now I just feel…lost. And I am, I’m trying to put myself out there, but… I feel hopeless.” – Sex and the City

“You can’t expect me to see everything that you have and pretend that it doesn’t kill me that I can’t have it too.” – Party of Five

“She’d managed to do the one thing I could never do — she’d moved on.” – My Legendary Girlfriend by Mike Gayle

“i’m sick of feeling like i need you, knowing i never did.. but i miss you.” – seether

“There’s too many things that remind me of you.” – Kate the great

“I told you I’d never say goodbye, now you’re slipping on the tears that made me cry. Why does this come as a surprise? To think, I was so naive. Maybe it didn’t mean anything to you, but it meant everything to me.” – NIN

“And as I leave it all behind, you’re still emblazoned in my mind.  And for that very special day nobody loved me in that way.” – Lucie Silvas, “forget me not”

“Yesterday I thought that I was low as I could get.  I had hit rock bottom ever since you up and left, but this morning when I saw you with somebody else, well needless to say that’s when I started sinking even lower.  And as far as where I am at today. . .  there’s [...]

“I can’t give up you. Not yet. It seems like every time I think I can live without having you, you make me fall even deeper. You drive me crazy in that way. I can’t let go of you, but what’s harder is that I can’t have you.”

“I used to wait for you every day, outside your class, by the phone, then one day I got tired of waiting and hoped you would wait for me, but you didn’t. you just let me walk away without a fight…that’s what hurts the most, I knew I would have waited and fought for you [...]

“In this weird way. . . I know you miss me. Not because of what we did or what we said but for what we didn’t have to say. All the times we ‘just knew.’ I miss you too and the sad thing is I know you’ll never find someone who cares for you as [...]

“I broke in two. You’re barely missing me. I’m missing you and everything you do.” – Get Up Kids