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“Mellie: [to Cyrus] You’re supposed to hate the woman. Isn’t that the standard trope? The seductress, the slut, the tramp who led your man astray. And I do. I loathe Olivia Pope. But it’s a boring sort of hate. Uninteresting, cliche’. It’s hard to even get my back into it. But…Fitz? I found him. I [...]

“It’s so hard to move on, cause every time I think you’re gone you show up in my rearview mirror.” –  Hilary Duff, “the getaway”

"You're the one person I always thought I could rely on. The one person who I put all my trust in.. the one I was behind 110%. Whatever choices you made I was right there with you. But now. Now I don't put my faith in you. Now I have no respect for you. Not after seeing you with her... knowing you can do better... knowing you shouldn't be with her. But I guess I'm just hoping one day you'll look at me.. and see what you used to see... the girl who was behind you 110%... the one who no matter what was always there for you. Because when she's gone... when she's moved on and found someone new... I'll still be here... waiting for you.. still loving you." - Emily

"You're scared because you feel like you haven't accomplished anything with your life. But instead of running a triathlon, you're pushing forward with a guy you don't belong with. And you know as well as I do, one of these days he's gonna open up a bottle of white wine for you when you really prefer red, except you never told him that; and you wanna know why? It's because he's not right for you." - Scrubs

"You used to call me...just to talk...he does that now.. but for some's not the same." - Brittaney Thayer H

"We can't be friends, I'm still in love with you." -Deborah Cox

"You knew you loved me the minute you laid eyes on me, that's what terrifies you so much, because now you're walking down that aisle with someone who doesn't even compare to who I am. Whose relationship with you doesn't even compare to what we were. Someone who you don't love. You can try and try to convince yourself you guys belong together, but I seen it in your eyes that night. I seen it in your eyes every night we were together. And I know you couldn't possibly have that with anyone else. Call me a dreamer, I don't care.... because I know the truth. You don't love her, the way you loved me." - JoAnne Golden

"And I know I have him now, he's great -- but he's not you, he'll never be you. And I thought if I could just pretend I was over you.....I could handle it. But you know what? I can't." - JoAnne Golden

"You really hurts sometimes because he's out there falling in and out of love with these girls...that aren't me." - Dawson's Creek

"There's someone else I'm finally thinking of. Someone else's smile is taking over my heart. I'm trying so hard not to let you know that I still am trying to let go. I'll be damned if I let you know...that I still find it hard to sleep at night. Someone else is making me smile but that doesn't mean I haven't stopped crying for you."

"if it's wrong, why do you call me still? cause you don't want my heart to ever heal, you just keep me hanging on." - lucky 7

"I know we've had our fights over the years, and I know we've both said things we haven't meant--or did yet we recovered. I just can't let go of us yet. I can't let go of you regardless of the distance between us. Please tell me you'll be there for me when I come back." - JoAnne Golden

"I don't think you ever really do fall out of love with someone. You just get used to them not being around." - Alexandra Elise

"I saw you this morning. You were looking straight at me from an ancient photograph." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "almost home"

"When we broke it off, I never stopped caring, I never stopped feeling for you... but you did, and that's what scares me. I'm not strong enough this time to walk away when it ends and pretend that it meant nothing like I did the first time. I know you stopped caring, I know you stopped feeling, and I can't deal with the idea that you could stop all over again." - Brittaney Thayer Hruby

"He was everything to me and now were just friends. So now he's half of everything to me." - Justine

"I was such a fool. I couldn't see it, just how good you were to me. You confessed your love, undying devotion. I confessed my need to be free." - NSync, 'I Drive Myself Crazy'

"Look for the rainbow in every storm, fly like an angel . . . goodbye my friend. I know you're gone, you said you're gone . . . but I can still feel you here."

"And even though I can say it's his loss, I know deep down that it was mine, too."

"When you lose someone you love, you never get over it. You just get used to it."