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“I’m sorry for still holdin’ on.  I’ll try to let go and I’ll try to be strong, and I’ll wish you the best, and I wish you nothing less than everything you’ve ever dreamed of.  And I hope that you find love along the way but most of all I wish you’d stay.” – Brad [...]

“Someday someone’s gonna come along and put the pieces of my heart back together.  I’m just worried about the one little piece that they’re not going to be able to find, the one that makes the puzzle complete, the one that you took the day you walked away.”

“They say that missing someone gets easier as the days go on … I just can’t bring myself to agree to that statement. For me … it just gets harder and harder and harder to go on … to pretend that I don’t miss him … to pretend that I don’t care … when in [...]

“I need you now like you needed me then.”

“I guess until I find someone else who will love me, I can’t move on from the only one who ever has.”

“Nobody could hurt me like I know he could hurt me, but there’s nothing in this world I want more.”

“It’s time to let you go. It’s time to say goodbye. No more excuses, no more tears to cry. There have been so many changes; I’ve been so confused. All along you were the one, all the time, I never knew. I want you to be happy. You’re my best friend. But it’s so hard [...]

“I swore I’d love you ’til the end of forever, and forever hasn’t got here yet.” – Toby Keith, “Forever Hasn’t Got Here Yet”

“When I see you now, I wonder how I could’ve watched you walk away.” – Amanda Marshall, “beautiful goodbye”

“i’ll miss your lips and everything attached to them.”- Elizabethtown

“I’ve had good days and bad days and going half mad days. I’ve tried to let go, but you’re still on my mind.” – Jimmy Buffet

“I know you loved me. I loved the fact that you loved me so much. There’s this sense of security in someone’s love. I let you go and I hate myself for doing that, but that’s all in the past. Maybe leaving was a test to see how true your love was and now it’s [...]

“I’ve tried to block your memory to protect me from the pain, pretend I never knew you, and never heard your name. But the walls aren’t strong enough and I fight my tears in vain. The feeling came creeping through and the hurt is still the same. I wish I could forget you, or make [...]

“it’s just another one of those days.  I can’t help but feel a little upset about the things you and I never had.” – Plain White T’s, “Cinderella story”

“You want to know why I answer every question you ask me with no? They say it takes doing something 21 times to make it a habit. . .  so the way I figure, if you ask me 21 questions. . .  and I answer no to all of them, I’ll answer no to any [...]

“Now and then, Lord, ya know I’m gonna need a friend til I get used to losing you.  Let me keep on using you til I can make it on my own.” – Martina McBride, “till i can make it on my own”

“I gave up everything I had except your memory.”- Ten Foot Pole

“How do you heal a broken heart? I have no idea where to start. Because everything I do, just reminds me of you.”

“I’ll be there if you ever want me by your side.” – Martina McBride, “i’ll be there”

“What am I supposed to do if I can’t get over you?” – NSYNC