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"If we can't find a way out of these problems, then maybe we don't need this." - Savage Garden

"So tell me you need me and I will stay. You believe me and I will wait that you'd come back for me every time I fall. In your heart there's just no place. There's no room to make a mistake, and with one wrong turn you would never make it home." - one less reason, "if you want me"

"For the rest of my days I want you by my side. Tell me what can I say to keep you in my life?" - Liz Phair, 'good love never dies'

"You shouldn't have to tell me everything. . . but why wouldn't you want to? Unless there is someone else you're waiting for." - little black book

"At some point love alone doesn't make a relationship work." - 7th Heaven

"It's getting colder and we're getting distant, and I just keep thinking that (oops, I...) I never meant it to be like this.. 'its worse than you think', I never meant it to be like this. 'this was a bad idea' but you know what comes next, so do I.. you're begging for a way to gracefully bow out... and say goodnight... and, I can't say I blame you, but I wish I could." - Taking Back Sunday

"And I say so what if I'm not perfect and I make a few mistakes? So what if I talk too much and make your head ache? So what if what I say and do are just not always clear?" - The Eyeliners, "so what"

"Okay, this is it. I'm so sick of you being the kid here, I cannot be in charge all the time. We're supposed to be equals, partners, you think we can have a baby, we can't even have a puppy together." - Sex and the City

"It might appear to you she's broken by the teardrops in her eyes, but there's nothin' wrong with her, she's perfect; I'm the one who made her cry." - Toby Keith, "she's perfect"

"All I wanted was for things to be the way they used to be, and I kept going and going as if somehow hoping to make time move in reverse." -Nicholas Sparks

"I don't want to dissect everything today. I don't mean to pick you apart you see, but I can't help it. There I go jumping before the gunshot has gone off. And you would knock me to the floor if I wasn't there already."

"Honey, help me out of this mess. I'm a stranger to myself, but don't reach for me, I'm too far away, I don't wanna talk, 'cause there's nothing left to say." - Fiona Apple, 'The Child Is Gone'

"There were times, in the beginning, when you were there, when I needed you most. We'd sit and talk about the future, and laugh about us getting old. Do you know how it feels? I hope that you know that it matters... cause when I try to talk to you, I feel like I'm not getting through to you.." - Mandy Moore

"Seems like we're heading for another losing streak." - The Ataris

"And you don't remember, how you used to hold me, how we'd melt together, how you needed me, how we used to be, in love." -Mariah Carey

"I know you. ... You don't wanna move but I can't always be the one that takes the step. Any more steps and I'm walking away." - Grey's Anatomy

"Just say we stand a chance and you're willing to try, or say there's nothing left for you and tell me goodbye." - LeAnn Rimes, "Honestly"

"I don't wanna talk about my future, Stefan. Because everything you're saying makes it perfectly clear you aren't gonna be in it." - Vampire Diaries

"What can I do so you won't ever leave?" - Stairwell