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"i'm not your star. isn't that what you said?" - something corporate

"I guess everything is timing; I guess everything's been said. so I am coming home with an empty head." - Ani DiFranco, 'you had time'

"it's like a fight every single day, it's always easy when you have it your way." - papa roach

"Weren't you the one that said, that you don't want me any more? and how you need your keys back to your door? and how i cried and tried and tried to make you stay with me, but still you said that love was gone and that i had to leave. Don't play with me cause what goes around, comes around." - alicia keys

"You can call it magic, when a man pulls a rabbit out of a hat, but the reason I don't call you is 'cause I wonder if there isn't a better word than that. And you can call me crazy, but I think you're as lazy as white paint on the wall and I know you'll only speak to me in dial tones if I call." - Ani Difranco 'Cloud Blood'

"So take this razor. Sign your name across my wrist, so everyone will know who left me like this." - Bayside, "A Synonym For Acquiesce"

"But he's not here, is he? No. No, he made his choice. He chose to stay. I'm the one who came back. I'm the one who's here." - Lost

"don't ask me why I'm crying, I'm not going to tell you what's wrong." - Ani DiFranco, 'letter to a john'

"I don't know. But I know I don't want to end up making promises that I don't have any intentions on keeping. And I don't want to end up saying things that I don't really feel. " - Boy Meets World

"We didn't talk at all this summer, which was your choice as much as it was mine." - Dawson's Creek

"Do you think i care about what you say? Well I don't, if i did i would be crazy. You think your words will take a toll on me? Well they won't, they don't even faze me." - the eyeliners, "if i were you"

"When this trouble passes over, you and I will walk away knowing that our love survived." - amanda marshall, "trust me (this is love)"

"I know it's not going to be easy, but I never thought it was going to be this hard."

"Frankly dear, I don't give a damn!" - Gone With The Wind

"Why don't you shut up." - snuff

"i cherish our memories. i want to kiss your tears away tonight." - Juliana theory, "august in Bethany"

"When someone hurts you, you want to hurt them back, but then I look at you, and I want the hurting to stop." - Felicity

"Why are we bickering about this? I just wanna know what's going on with you." - Dawson's Creek

"Please don't chase me anymore. Nearly forgot just what I'm running gas pedal's to the floor." - Ten Foot Pole

"I just got off the phone with you, and something wasn't right. I wish that what I said was true, but I messed up tonight." - plain white t's, "tearing us apart"