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"I'll be sleeping eighty feet away from you, and it'll feel like a thousand miles. I'll regret my decision constantly, I'll kick myself to no end." - Dawson's Creek

"I've been driving for an hour just talking to the rain. You say I've been driving you crazy and its keeping you away. So just give me one good reason; tell me why I should stay. 'Cause I don't wanna waste another moment in saying things we never meant to say." - Michelle Branch, "breathe"

"I don't want to have one of those relationship where it's too late to say goodbye." - Jacqueline Kelly

"as for the part about having something more: let's not pretend it's like it was before. I wish I could say that it's not because of you, but it's because of you. I've a dark and snowy remembrance of this, but remind me again of what I'm gonna miss when all you do is let me down. you better tell me something and tell it to me now." - Letters to Cleo, "because of you"

"you pull me down, push me around -- I've had about all I can take. You fooled around; busy doing the town." - Jann Arden, 'I don't love you anymore'

"And there are some things we don't know.. sometimes a heart just needs to go." - LeAnn Rimes, "Looking through your eyes"

"You turned away from opportunities to sit and talk things through but now when I say I'm leaving you, you have so much to prove." -Brandy, 'Tomorrow'

"She said 'I've given you my best but I can't take no more.' She said 'I've run out of reasons' then she walked out the door." - Tim McGraw, "What She Left Behind."

"You've used up your last chance." - Martina McBride, "life #9"

"I think I'm gonna walk away -- head right for the door. Maybe I should stay and fight, but look what I'd be fighting for?" - Lila McCann, "changing faces"

"You know what? No. Get out, I'm tired of hearing about how nothing in your life is good enough.. Including me." - Shark Tale

"I'm saving my breath. I'm saving my tears. I'm saving my life for something better than these years." - Saving Jane, "who's cryin' now?"

"I wanted to remind you what you'd be missing if you didn't pick me. Because you'd be missing a lot. And so would I. We'd be missing everything." - Dawson's Creek

"You wanna know what the truth is? I still love you and I probably will love you for a very long time. But I can't just be your buddy, because as much as I enjoy the concept of being 'just friends' -- in reality it's a bizarre form of torture and I'm just not willing to participate in it. so right now what I wanna do is just move on and get over you and the only way for me to do that is to not be around you anymore." - Dawson's Creek

"There isn't really anything that keeps me here except the memories. And they aren't even enough anymore." - Jacqueline Kelly

"I love you enough to let you go, but do you love me enough to come back?"

"The bravest thing I've ever done is run away and hide. The weakest thing I've ever done is staying by your side... But not this time... I got what I wanted and that's rid of you. Good bye." - Bare Naked Ladies

"Goodbye to you; Goodbye to everything that I knew. You were the one I loved; the one thing that I tried to hold on to."- Michelle Branch, "goodbye to you"

"This is my last call to you. Then I'll give up everything that we had."- plain white t's, "last call"

"I'm feeling weak, I don't feel right. You're telling me I have to change, telling me to act my age, but if all that I can do is just sit and watch time go, then I'll have to say good bye." Life's too short to watch it fly." -Goldfinger