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"Nobody's interested in the truth. All they care about is what they want to believe." -My So-Called Life

"I'd never lie to you unless I had to." - Taking Back Sunday, "you're so last summer"

"What's better: a lie that draws a smile or the truth that draws a tear?"

"On a different trail of lies, ignoring questions and wondering why, I can't say I don't love you and just can't say I do." -snuff

"We deny that we're tired, we deny that we're scared, we deny how badly we want to succeed. And most importantly, we deny that we're in denial. We only see what we want to see and believe what we want to believe, and it works. We lie to ourselves so much that after a while the lies start to seem like the truth. We deny so much that we can't recognize the truth right in front of our faces." - Grey's Anatomy

"Truth is nothing. What you believe to be true is everything."

"You can't love if you can't trust." - Martina McBride, "that wasn't me"

"Now, don't just walk away pretending everything's ok and you don't care about me. And I know there's just no use when all your lies become your truths." - Michelle Branch, "are you happy now?"

"There's a calm before a thundering storm and right now I am calm, but it's pouring inside me cause you're out in the light. And you're not here for me anymore- you said you'd always be there, but you are NEVER here! I wish life was like a black and white movie so I could not fall for the color of your lying eyes!" - A Long February

"And I will pretend that I don't know of your sins until you are ready to confess, but all the time, all the time, I'll know, I'll know." - Fiona Apple, 'I Know'

"the mainstream is so polluted with lies -- once you get wet, it's so hard to get dry." - Ani DiFranco, 'roll with it'

"They say that the truth hurts; and sometimes it does. But sometimes it's just surprising, and other times the truth just wasn't supposed to be heard in the first place."

"Because a mouth full of lies will leave a sour taste that cuts just like a knife as it slides down your throat." - story of the year, "in her bedroom"

"We're both such magnificent liars. So crush me baby, I'm all ears." - Taking Back Sunday, "you know how I do"

"Pacey: Can we just discuss this calmly, please? Audrey: What discuss? There's nothing to discuss. You lied." - Dawson's Creek

"It's not easy, is it? Keeping the truth from someone you love?" - Alias

"All these lies -- these lies you're all telling to protect each other -- they're not going to solve anything. They're just mind games. And nobody wins." - Dawson's Creek

"The thing people forget is how good it can feel when you finally set secrets free. Whether good or bad, at least they're out in the open, like it or not. And once your secrets are out in the open, you don't have to hide behind them anymore. The problem with secrets is even when you think you're in control... you're not." - Grey's Anatomy

"Estelle: I wanted to tell you the truth! Edgar: Unfortunately, the truth makes everything else seem like a lie." - Valentine's Day

"look at you little white lying, for the purpose of justifying what you're trying to do." - Ani DiFranco, 'gratitude'