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"When it seems you have nowhere to run, when it can't get any worse . . . when you need a shoulder, when there is no one left to turn to . . . I will always be there. You may take me for granted, but the smile on your face makes up for the pain in my heart."

"Sometimes you have to forgive people, just because you want them back in your life."

"It was a moment of anger. I had a chance to walk away, and I didn't do it. And now my punishment is... I get to regret it every day for the rest of my life." - One Tree Hill

"I can't stand hearing you cry, knowing that it is because of me. Knowing that I can't do nothing except sit here on the other end of the phone telling you that I do love you and that everything will be OK. That without you my life it will be meaningless...believe me when I say that."

"i never meant to cause you pain, i just wanna go back to being the same, i only wanna make things right before you walk out of my life." - Monica "before you walk out of my life"

"Man, I screwed up. I hurt the one person in the world who would never dream of hurting me." - Michelle Burns

"Can I ever make it up to you? I'm sorry that I made you mad, the things I did just didn't seem that bad." - The Ataris, "take me back"

"Those who cannot forgive others break the bridge over which they themselves must pass." - Confucius

"I'm sorry if I made you cry, I'm sorry if tears fell from your eyes, for that is not at all what i intended to do. But just remember, for every tear that falls from your eye, from mine fall two." - Hanson

"I just want you to understand that I know what all the fighting was for, and I just want you to understand, that I'm not angry anymore. I'm not angry anymore." - Ani DiFranco 'Angry Anymore'

"So here I am asking forgiveness and praying that you'll understand, don't think I take you for granted, I know just how lucky I am, though you deserve so much better, you won't find devotion more true, 'cause I've had the best of intentions loving you." - Travis Tritt

"I know that things between us are pretty much beyond repair right now. And I wouldn't ever presume to try and make everything better with a conversation, so that's not what this is -- but I just wanted to tell you, I wanted to say about everything that happened last spring... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for the pain it caused you. But mostly I'm sorry for my part in it. And I'm sorry for the pain I know it caused you. But mostly I'm sorry because I miss our friendship. And however far off it may be, I look forward to the day that we can be friends again, So, until then..." -Dawson's Creek

"I haven't been paying enough attention to everything. There's been danger all around me that I haven't seen... warning signs I haven't noticed... and people in need that I've neglected. I didn't realize how bad things are. I haven't been here for you. I'm sorry. " - Smallville

"'i want to forget this and i want you to never do this again.'" - spygirl by amy gray

"And he knew that he'd never have to say to me that he was sorry. His hand against my face, trying to wipe away my tears, said it all." -Robert Newton Peck

"Apologizing is like white-out. It covers up the mistake, but it never totally goes away."

"'you're right to be angry with me, and if you never talk to me again i'll always be sorry and i'll always miss you and i'll never begrudge you for it. i messed up.'" - spygirl by amy gray

"I place this unfair burden on people just so they can save me from myself. But I don't need a knight in shining armor. I need a partner. Someone who I am proud to love, who is proud to love me back, in spite of all my flaws. And you're it. You're the one. I'm so sorry." - Dawson's Creek

"And the way you looked at me, with that gleam in your eye, made me feel, that things would be okay." - junction18

"Whatever it takes... we'll fix it. Everything is gonna be okay." - Dawson's Creek