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"If you're not the one, then why does my soul feel glad today? If you're not the one, then why does my hand fit yours this way?" -Daniel Bedingfield

"I always thought you were chasing something that wasn't out there, because in my heart, I believed that we belonged here." - Roswell

"You're the beauty that is deeper than eyes can merely see--the closest thing to perfect, but the farthest thing from me." - Juliana Theory, "closest thing"

"I'm committed to insecurity and you... and love is overrated. It leaves you devastated, heart ripped in two." - The Ataris

"I won't call again, I promise but I need to see you face to face... because I'm never as good as when you're there...and I can see myself the way you look at me. And I'm sorry. If we could just get together and find some time to talk. Let's say all the things we never said." - Almost Famous

"You keep saying that you know you love me. Is that all you know? I know what you mean to me. I know that we are meant to be, that we're soul mates. I can't keep waiting for you to find this out. I wish that I could change this ending, like a story in a book. But I guess life just isn't that easy."

"I cant go on using you. Girl, it feels like I'm losin' you. A love like yours is hard to find, but you caught me at a bad time." - Toby Keith, "you caught me at a bad time"

"The hardest thing in the world is spending everyday next to someone you know you'll never be close to."

"The worst feeling in the world is loving someone when they don't love you back. Your heart aches every time you see him, knowing that no matter how deep you look into their eyes trying to reach their heart, you never will."

"even when everything is perfect being with you it doesn't feel right, and I'm sorry, look everything tonight, I mean, tonight was lovely and fun and, you've become this amazing man, but it doesn't, I'm sorry, I don't, I don't feel it, and I can't do this with you." - Dawson's Creek

"I'm sorry I didn't sound more excited on the phone. I'm sorry that after all these years I've left you feeling unrequited and alone, brought you to tears." - Ani DiFranco, 'sorry i am'

"i just don't love you like I used to, like before. I just don't love you the way you want me to. No i don't love you anymore." - Jann Arden, 'i don't love you anymore'

"You stopped caring about how I felt. . . so I stopped feeling. You stopped caring about what I said. . . so I stopped talking. You stopped caring about how I see things. . . so I stopped sharing my perspective. You stopped caring, sharing, feeling, showing. . . and so did I. Now you're starting to care. . . and I'm the one that can't." - Talia G.

"'i want to make it up to you,' he said. 'i want to make it right.' 'forget it,' she said. 'it's over. i've moved on.'" - In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner

"No, it's not the presents. It's you Andy. I'm not interested in you. I'm sorry, I was hoping that we didn't have to have this whole conversation, but obviously we do. The thing is, ummm, I'm-I'm not attracted to you and I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but I don't want to date you and I don't parse anything romantic happening between us." - Everwood

"He's sweet and caring, but he's a stockbroker and never thinks of his life in terms of metaphors. i don't get that. and it's precisely why we couldn't be in love, not for real. i mean, partly why. and it's what made me doubt he really loved me. how could he, if i didn't love him?" - Girls' Poker Night by Jill A. Davis

"I can't keep doing this....I can't keep being your second choice. Not when you're my first." - Everwood

"Max keeps coming to my window and telling me he wants to be with me again, but I know it's... it can never work out." - Roswell

"I'm not your lover.... and i don't think you ever loved me. I'm not your partner, and I don't think I ever could be." - Jann Arden, 'i'm not your lover'

"Why don't you love me the way I love you? Why don't you feel things as deep as I do? We've got a fundamental difference in matters of emotions, but I need to feel you need me." - amanda marshall, "why don't you love me"