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"So I'm slipping out of your head while you stay put in mine."

"The hardest part of being in a relationship is having the feeling that the guy you love more than life itself doesn't care about you as much as you thought. You sit up every night and cry, worrying that it won't last much longer. Yet, you're doing everything you can to hold on to what you have and yet it doesn't seem to be enough."

"Why don't you love me the way I love you? Why don't you feel things as deep as I do? We've got a fundamental difference in matters of emotions, but I need to feel you need me." - amanda marshall, "why don't you love me"

“I need you now like you needed me then.”

“Why did you leave? Where did you go? I search everywhere, but I can’t find you. You’re nowhere to be found. You won’t come back to me. Why? Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, I want you to hear what I couldn’t say…I Love You.”

“Oh I should hate you, but I can’t replace you in my heart. Why am I so pathetic? I don’t get it why you don’t return my calls.” – Saves the Day

“I still get my hopes up every time, hoping that, just this once, you’ll care. But you don’t. You never do. And it crushes me every time.” – Michelle Burns

“I’ve always wondered what he thinks of what happened between us. But the bigger question is does he even think about the times we shared? And the even bigger question is does he even care enough to want to remember?”

“All I want is for you to want me like you used to.”

“I’m so afraid that I will never forget him and he won’t remember me.” Quote No. 1,495

“I guess that I’m wrong for falling in love, but you’re still the one that I’m dreaming of. I guess that it’s you I want to hold onto, but you’re holding onto someone else.” – The Ataris, “broken promise ring” Quote No. 1,469

“Once you love someone you always will, that love never truly diminishes. So if he doesn’t love me now, he didn’t love me then, but I know he did. And he does and he always will. But he’s pushed his feelings so far down deep and he is afraid to let them come back up. [...] Quote No. 1,466

“I can’t give up you. Not yet. It seems like every time I think I can live without having you, you make me fall even deeper. You drive me crazy in that way. I can’t let go of you, but what’s harder is that I can’t have you.” Quote No. 1,443

“I broke in two. You’re barely missing me. I’m missing you and everything you do.” – Get Up Kids Quote No. 1,403

“I’m tired of being led on, I don’t deserve to be treated like that. I really, truly love you and you sit there and flirt with me and now you go out with her, if only you knew how much that hurts me, but then I have to ask myself, would you even care?” Quote No. 1,397

“Tell me just what you want me to be. One kiss and boom you’re the only one for me. So please tell me why don’t you come around no more.” – Michelle Branch, “game of love” Quote No. 1,377

“I guess I’m just the fool for thinking you’re thinking of me.” – From Autumn to Ashes Quote No. 1,329

“It’s been two years since I’ve seen you, but it seems like no time’s gone by at all.  There was nothing like a real love to give you back the feel of someone just like before.  And right there for a minute I forgot that you don’t love me anymore.” – Tim McGraw, “You Don’t [...] Quote No. 1,326

“Flashback to another time when i was yours, but you weren’t mine.” – Deceiving Ralph Quote No. 1,292

“Help me understand why I’m not part of your plan and you don’t need me anymore. Help me understand why I still wanna be where you are, even though I know in my heart, you don’t love me anymore.” – Tracey Adkins