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"Why are the words goodbye, I'm sorry, and I Love You so easily pronounced but so hard to say?"

"You can tell everything about a person by who their friends are." - Sex and the City

“You only find a few people in this world, a few people who will tell you they love you and mean it with all their heart. Don’t forget those people who stood by you through it all, the special few that were there for you till the end.”

LUAQuotes Quote No. 3

“There’s gonna be some things in life that are going to make it hard for you to smile, but through all you see, all the rain and all the pain, you have to keep your sense of humor and keep on smiling.”

"Yes, I do. I've been in your shoes. You know what? It scared the hell out of me too. What if she hurt me? What if she left me? What if she died? It would have been the end of me. So I cut it short, before she ever could. And you know what? It was the biggest mistake I ever made. And you're making the same mistake right now, and I'll be goddamned if I'm going to sit by and watch. You've got to risk love Sandra! I didn't and look at me! I'm a lonely ghost of a man. It doesn't mean that you're never going to get hurt, but the pain you feel will never compare to the regret that comes from walking away from love. And from someone who's felt a lot of both trust me, regret beats pain everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. Don't run away. Don't do it." - Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

"There are some walls you can push through, and some you can't." - Sex and the City

"There's something to be said about a glass half full. About knowing when to say when. I think it's a floating line. A barometer of need and desire. It's entirely up to the individual. And depends on what's being poured. Sometimes all we want is a taste. Other times there's no such thing as enough, the glass is bottomless. And all we want, is more." - Grey's Anatomy

"We accept the love we think we deserve." - The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

"I think that if two people are meant to be together when they see each other they get this incredible feeling like none other. A special feeling that is amazing and they know that they want and are supposed to spend the rest of their life with that person...and you just know."

“Dare to look foolish. The real fools are those who never attempt anything. Dare to make mistakes. They are the best teachers you will ever know. Dare to take action. There’s a risk you may fail. Yet if you take no action failure is a certainty. Dare to be fully alive. Dare to speak your [...]

“‘A relationship with the opposite sex is like buying a new American car,’ he said, mixing paint. ‘It starts out looking great, but it only keeps going for about two and a half years. Then you spend the next two and a half years trying to restore it.’” – Walking in Circles Before Lying Down [...]

“‘It’s not the truth. The only truth is that love is hard and sometimes people need a little help.” – Pink by Marilyn Griffith

“‘You don’t have to know the right way, the perfect way to do something.  You just try it with your heart.  And it works.’” – <em>Pink</em> by Marilyn Griffith

“People forget how much they love each other sometimes, but they can make it right again.” – <em>Pink</em> by Marilyn Griffith

“Change isn’t good or bad. It just is.” – Mad Men

“Either you make it through this thing or you keep it to yourself.” – Mad Men

“One day you’re there and there’s less of you and you wonder where that part went. If it’s living somewhere outside of you and you keep thinking maybe you’ll get it back and then you realize it’s just gone.” – Mad Men

"The reason you haven

“Here on earth there’s so much confusion. People live in a kind of illusion” –  Hilary Duff, “(I’ll give) anything but up”

“Have you ever wondered what life is about?  You could search the world and never figure it out.” –  Hilary Duff, “what dreams are made of”