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"You ever want something so bad and then you finally get it and it turns into a complete nightmare?" - 90210

"it's what happens when loss is always there with you. When you see the antidote to the loss, the moment becomes palpable and illuminated. You can't avoid knowing it is in the room with you. The idea that a life's wound could be healed is exciting treachery. Too good to be true." - Ask Again Later by Jill A. Davis

"Ever get the feeling the entire world is flying in first class and you're stuck with a folding chair in the baggage compartment?" - 90210

"A worker bee weigh less than a flower petal, but she can fly with a load heavier than her. But she only lives for or five weeks. Sometimes not feeling is the only way you can survive." - The Secret Life of Bees

"There's no telling why people hold onto the past, even when it jeopardizes their future. Maybe it's because the past always looks better in the present. Or maybe it's because the future is as mysterious as tomorrow's newspaper."

"This is now your world, and you barely made it." - Juliana Theory, "breathing by wires"

"Some ideas, once you get them in your head, you can

"No matter how far you travel or how much you run from it, can you ever really escape your past?" -Sex and the City

"You know how sometimes the last sentence you said, like, echoes in your brain? And it just keeps sounding stupider? And you have to say something else just to make it stop?" - My So-Called Life

"Okay, I thought. Here you are. You are here. And you move forward because that's the way it works; that's the only place you can go. You keep going until it stops hurting, or until you find new things to hurt you worse, I guess. And that is the human condition, all of us lurching along in our own private miseries, because that's the way it is. Because, I guess, God didn't give us any choice. You grow up. You learn." -Jennifer Weiner

"She'd reached an age where she knew the world wasn't as simple as she'd once imagined it to be." -Nicholas Sparks "The Choice"

"When reality hits it always hurts." - Ask Again Later by Jill A. Davis

"Even the most responsible among us, has mistakes in their past. Mistakes they'd like to forget. Mistakes that sometimes come back to haunt them." - Desperate Housewives

"Death is inevitable, it's a promise made to each of us at birth. But before that promise is kept, we want something to happen to us. Whether it is the thrill of romance. The joy of raising a family. Or the anguish of great loss. We all hope to experience something to make our lives meaningful. But the sad fact is, not all lives have meaning. Some people spend their time on this planet just sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen to them before it's too late." - Desperate Housewives

"You were always half crazy, now look at you, baby, make about as much sense as a nursery rhyme. Love is a piano dropped out a four story window and you were in the wrong place at the wrong time." - Ani DiFranco 'Two Little Girls'

"Nobody ever gets to see what could have been." - Charlie St. Cloud

"When you find yourself and you're nowhere near where you were going, how do you find a way from the person you've become to the one you know you could've been?" -taken

"when you fall on somebody, it's not enough to say you didn't mean to; after all, he probably didn't mean to be beneath you." - pooh's little instruction book

"When all you've felt is pain, you start to become numb to all feeling. Things that would make you significantly upset don't seem to bother you. Things that would normally excite you seem to pass you by. When you feel nothing but pain... you just stop feeling anything at all." -Talia G.

"For these kids life is a fight to stay alive, and a hustle to make ends meet." - take the lead