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"At first we were the only ones on the floor, everyone watching us as we glided around the floor. I think they all knew how we were feeling about each other, and it reminded them of when they were young, too. I could see them smiling wistfully at us. The lights were dim, and when the singer began a slow melody, I held her close to me with my eyes closed, wondering if anything in my life had ever been this perfect and knowing at the same time that it hadn't. I was in love, and the feeling was even more wonderful than I ever imagined it could be." - Nicolas Sparks, 'A Walk To Remember'

"i thought i saw something in you, something good, but i was very wrong." - a walk to remember

"I smile slightly, looking toward the sky, knowing there's one thing I still haven't told you: I now believe, by the way, that miracles can happen." - Nicholas Sparks, "A Walk To Remember"

"and I look at him and all I can think of is the day when I won't be able to anymore." - a walk to remember