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"I wanna laugh until I cry; wake up with you each day 'til the day I die." - Amanda Marshall, "marry me"

"I was safe and secure when you were with me, but it only could last 'til the day that she took you back again." - Amanda Marshall, "wishful thinking"

"Somewhere there's a river looking for a stream. Somewhere there's a dreamer looking for a dream. Somewhere there's a drifter trying to find his way. Somewhere someone's waiting to hear somebody say." - Amanda Marshall, "believe in you"

"I'll always have the memories, she'll always have you. Fate has a way of changing, just when you don't want it to." - Amanda Marshall, "i'll be okay"

"And when it's all said and done, it's just the same for everyone. You're busy making your plans. Love's like a bird baby, flying out of your hands." - Amanda Marshall, "love lift me"

"Now you say you're moving on, I took the long way -- I told you maybe someday. I guess I made you wait too long." - Amanda Marshall, "too little too late"

"The best things happen when you don't try or wish on an eyelash, just open your heart to a strange thing." - Amanda Marshall, "dizzy"

"I start to wonder if what I'm missing's really worth these tears. What's the point? you've found another." - Amanda Marshall, "too little too late"

"Sometimes life can make you tired; you get so used to being on your own; looking for something to count on (something to count on baby); wishing for a love that's carved in stone." - Amanda Marshall, "right here all along"

"The way you touched me I had no suspicions (the way you touch). But evidently you've no inhibitions (no, no, no). Your body took you on a covert mission. Why am I the last to know?" - Amanda Marshall, "brand new beau"

"Love knows no patience." - Amanda Marshall, "dark horse"

"I hear a voice on the telephone; doin' fine - then it hits me: the voice that I am hearing means you're not alone. I thought it would be easy but it's not." - Amanda Marshall, "too little too late"

"And in the fearless, reckless pursuit of intimate love, it is not the destination it's the journey." - Amanda Marshall, "the gypsy"

"Somebody told me once in a lifetime destiny finds you and blows you away; spins you in circles, pulls you in pieces, bleeds you like Jesus, and goes on its way. But it's oh-so-simple sometimes just to lay your heart open wide." - Amanda Marshall, "love lift me"

"And it's oh-so-hard to explain (we don't know nothin') and your heart gets hold of your brain (but still we try)." - Amanda Marshall, "love lift me"

"Somebody told me love makes you stupid; makes you go crazy; makes you go blind; comes uninvited; and leaves when it wants to. Calls you at midnight and ties up your line, but it's oh-so-sweet when it's right (there's nothin' better)." - Amanda Marshall, "love lift me"

"It's time to let you go, it's time to say goodbye. There's no more excuses, no more tears to cry. There's been so many changes, I was so confused. All along you were the one, all the time I never knew. I want you to be happy, you're my best friend, but it's so hard to let you go now; all that could have been." - Amanda Marshall, "I'll be okay"

"I thought I was your queen (Wasn't I? Wasn't I?)." - Amanda Marshall, "brand new beau"

"Don't try to read my palm, or predict what we'll become, 'cause the real thing just needs space to grow." - Amanda Marshall, "the gypsy"

"Genius is in the mistakes (woo!). The rules do not apply (they don't)." - Amanda Marshall, "the voice inside"