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"Seems like after all we've been through, we would have learned by now: never to fight for who gets the last word; it doesn't matter anyhow. But 'round and 'round we go in circles trying to work things through, and sometimes it feels like miles between us but I keep coming back to you." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "I keep coming back to you"

"Like a spark that makes your soul ignite only love knows when the moment's right." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "in the time it takes"

"All the walls come tumblin' down when you love someone." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "world of hurt"

"Someone leaves someone stays. Someone lost but who's to say? You risk it all to walk away." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "fair enough"

"I'd always hoped that we would have the chance at least to say we tried." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "avalanche"

"I used to hide in a party crowd, bottled up inside, feeling so left out; standing in the corner wearing concrete shoes, with my frozen smile and my lighted fuse. Now every time I start to feel like that I roll my heart out like a welcome mat." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "happy girl"

"I used to live in a darkened room; had a face of stone and a heart of gloom. Lost my hope, I was so far gone, crying all my tears with the curtains drawn. I didn't know until my soul broke free -- I've got these angels watching over me." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "happy girl"

"You can't pretend what your soul don't feel." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "heads up for the wrecking ball"

"You decide what you need, then you let me know. I'll be waiting here until you call. Take your time till you find which way your heart must go, and when you decide, let me know." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "you decide"

"You look so disbelieving at my suitcase by the door. My taxi's on its way. I can't take it anymore. Lately you've forgotten what loving me's about, but now you've got five minutes to figure it out." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "five minutes"

"I don't know. All I've got is feelings. I came tumbling through my mother to this world of different meanings. I don't know, it comes down to believing -- and I'm looking for someone who has a picture of the answer." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "i don't know"

"I've closed my heart down, so many seasons. I didn't want to hurt again, I didn't want to try, so I turned myself to ice and stone, said I don't need anyone, and nobody else would ever make me cry." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "maybe it's love"

"So I went sifting though my old mistakes on the day you left and I decided to forgive myself." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "avalanche"

"I found what I've been searching for in you." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "all I have"

"'cause if my love can't stop you, words won't make you change your mind. I took a chance to love you -- you broke my heart this time." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "fair enough"

"No I wasn't looking, it's funny how I found you just when I thought I'd live my life alone." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "maybe it's love"

"Now my soul keeps calling for a long lost day and a love that I held so true. Well there's no use following the heartache that leads me back to you." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "wait for the way"

"I feel like I've known you forever and ever, baby that's how close we are. Right here with you is where my life has come together and where love has filled my heart." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "all I have"

"Oh love, turn me around in your arms and in this dream we share, let us not miss one kiss." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "the color of roses"

"One look in your eyes meant forever from that moment on." - Beth Nielsen Chapman, "the moment you were mine"