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"We are taught that Christopher Columbus discovered America. From the American Revolution to the Civil War, history is written from the biased perspective of the power elite. From our birth we are told lies and myths and expected not to only believe them, but to worship them at America's false altar of progress. We must learn to question history and measure each 'fact' on its own merits." - Boy Sets Fire, "the tyranny of what everyone knows"

"Around the world, and in America specifically, we are being subjected to a regularly scheduled program of fear and violence brought to us by a twin attack of the media and politicians who feed our fears on each other." - Boy Sets Fire, "voiceover"

"We are trading our rights for the illusion of safety and in doing so we give the real criminals even more potency." - Boy Sets Fire, "voiceover"

"i've seen quite enough of too many childish games. i'm ashamed of every moment that i ever gave them the time of day. all the worst of enemies are somehow always friends that used to be." - Boy Sets Fire, "my life in the knife trade"

"I could lie here for a day--tongue tied and out-classed. Never missing their world that used to be my life." - Boy Sets Fire, "fine art of falling"

"The rich stay rich, and the poor die of quietly. The power remains the same." - Boy Sets Fire, "the power remains the same"

"They say that what does not kill you only makes you stronger, well maybe some of us are just too sick and tired of being so damn strong." - Boy Sets Fire, "another badge of courage"

"Lies built on deceptions. A nation's history cloaked in murder. The idea of a ruling class is still very much with us. Ninety percent of all wealth is inherited wealth. We may have lost the titles, but an aristocracy still flourishes." - Boy Sets Fire, "prologue"

"on the face of every american worker is the constant fear that their job won't remain." - Boy Sets Fire, "when rhetoric dies"

"If you love this country, take it back, from those who will destroy it. Protest is patriotism." - Boy Sets Fire, "eviction article"

"The story of America is a story best seen through the eyes of its people. It is a story built on the idea of freedom, through the common efforts of a nation united. America, now over 200 years old, is a country that is different from all others, in that it offers equal opportunity to anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality or race. It is on this creed that the story of America was founded. Unfortunately, that is all it is. A story." - Boy Sets Fire, "prologue"

"We all come from the same place and we all have something in common; we have seen society and we don't like it." - Boy Sets Fire, "holiday in Cambodia"

"Blacks fear whites, whites fear anyone different, and we all fear that which we do not know, even though, according to many studies, violent crime statistics are down. We keep adding more police and giving those police more and more power." - Boy Sets Fire, "voiceover"

"You will always be the most magnificent creation." - Boy Sets Fire, "fine art of falling"

"I haven't grown to hate you. i've just grown to forget you." - Boy Sets Fire, "the abomination of those virtuous"

"i feel dirty and so depraved. my knees have bled to hold you here but now i've lost the taste, for lies force fed as time well spent." - Boy Sets Fire, "still waiting for the punchline"

"where ever you go leaves a memory--struggles to kill this defending plea, but if you see through you will finally see that i've lived long enough, and my heart has been living in dying pain." - Boy Sets Fire, "phone call 4am"

"When I lose my ground I can always remember: this is my reason; you are my reason to stay." - Boy Sets Fire, "fine art of falling"

"I have shed this dry hard shell--traded its comfort for your eyes." - Boy Sets Fire, "fine art of falling"

"and if another angel says just grin and bear it, i might be forced to smash his head against the wall and never sin again against myself or trust in anyone. write me off for suffering it's a joke. i give up." - Boy Sets Fire, "still waiting for the punchline"