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Ishmael by Daniel Quinn Quotes

“This story, like every story, has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And each of these parts is a story in itself.” – Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn Quotes

“To step out of this story is to fall off the edge of the world. There’s no way out of it, except through death.” – Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn Quotes

“For the moment all you have to know is that two fundamentally different stories have been enacted here during the lifetime of man. One began to be enacted here some two or three million years ago by the people we’ve agreed to cal Leavers and is still being enacted here some ten or twelve thousand [...]

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn Quotes

“The problem is that man’s conquest of the world has itself devastated the world. And in spite of all the mastery we’ve attained, we don’t have enough mastery to stop devastating the world—or to repair the devastation we’ve already wrought.” – Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

“They’ve been told an explaining story. They’ve been given an explanation of how things came to be this way, and this stills their alarm. This explanation covers everything, including the deterioration of the ozone layer, the pollution of the oceans, the destruction of the rain forests, and even human extinction—and it satisfied them. Or perhaps [...]

“We don’t need prophets to tell us how to live; we can find out for ourselves by consulting what’s actually there.” – Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

“We’re destroying the world because we are, in a very literal and deliberate way, at war with it.” – Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

“Certain knowledge is knowledge of the one right way. That’s what we want. That’s what Takers want. We don’t want to know a way to live that works well. We want to know the one right way. And that’s what our prophets give us. And that’s what our lawgivers give us.” – Ishmael by Daniel [...]

“Even if you weren’t personally captivated by the story, you were a captive all the same, because the people around you made you a captive. You were like an animal being swept along in the middle of a stampede.” – Ishmael by Daniel Quinn