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"You always tease the one you love." - Dawson's Creek

"When two people are on a crash course for each other and you put yourself in the middle it's only bringing them closer together." - Dawson's Creek

"I like that you ramble when you're nervous. I like that I know that you ramble when you're nervous. I like that I still make you nervous." -Dawson's Creek

"It's not about the perfect setting. It's not about the perfect timing. It's about the perfect person. Nothing else matters. " - Dawson's Creek

"The way I feel about him is totally separate from the way I feel about you and about our friendship." - Dawson's Creek

"There is no time constraint on how long you can care about someone. No limit on how much, especially if they've been so much a part of your life already." - Dawson's Creek

"So we were friends, then we were a couple, then we were friends again, then we were a couple... what are we now?" - Dawson's Creek

"It's not the first kiss that counts, it's the second. First kisses are spur of the moment but you have time to analyze and think about the second kiss." - Dawson's Creek

"What friendship? As of this moment, we don't have a friendship. You don't get to have us both. You can't have him as your boyfriend and me as your consolation prize. You have to choose. And if you choose him, I won't be there to pick up the pieces when it falls apart. And it will fall apart. So it better be worth it. If you do this, there's no going back. This ruins everything, Joey." - Dawson's Creek

"you and I are connected in a way that goes beyond romance, beyond friendship, beyond what we've ever had before -- it has defied time and changes in ourselves and in our lives, and it has defied every explanation except one, purely and simply: we're soul mates. I can't explain it. I can't explain it -- I just feel it. It's there in the way my spirit subtly lifts whenever we talk; how the sound of your voice brings me home in a way I can't explain. It's in the delight I feel when we laugh at exactly the same things. When I'm with you, it's like a tiny part of the universe shifts into the place it's supposed to be -- and all is right with the world." - Dawson's Creek

"Don't let yourself become so angry that you stop loving, because one day, you'll wake up from that anger, and the person you love will be gone." - Dawson's Creek

"So how do you date one guy while you're still in love with another?" - Dawson's Creek

"There's no such thing as just a kiss." - Dawson's Creek

"I looked at you tonight and, it was like you came completely out of your shell. There was like this total new found confidence that just seemed to burst from you and I know what it must have taken for you to get up and do that tonight and God.. look at you.. Its like you transformed into this beautiful.. God.. I mean I'm sitting here with my best friend and my palms are sweaty. I've known you forever but I feel like I'm seeing you for the first time tonight." - Dawson's Creek

"You're coming off a traumatic, life altering relationship. The last thing you need is to get emotionally involved again." - Dawson's Creek

"You think because you were together, what she did to you hurts more? It doesn't. There's no difference." - Dawson's Creek

"she's my conscience, my soul mate--my inspiration." - Dawson's Creek

"Love to the tips of your fingers. And when you find that love, wherever you find it, whoever you choose, don't run away from it. But you don't have to chase after it either. You be patient, and it'll come to you...when you least expect it. Don't be afraid. And remember: to love is to live." - Dawson's Creek

"he's not yours, he's mine. I've looked all over the place for one like him, and I'm not giving him up without a fight. So should you choose to continue draping yourself on him like the slutty wench you are, you and me -- we're gonna throw down." - Dawson's Creek

"Do you think those crazy kids'll find their way back to each other one day? I sure hope so." - Dawson's Creek