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"First love. We've all been through it. It can really get a hold of ya. Make you do some pretty crazy things." - Down To You

"One glass holds love, the other, illusion. Chose carefully, my friend, for in love, there are no second chances." - Down To You

"Just look at that park down there...just think how many loves lost and found in it, how many first kisses kissed, how many Frisbees lost...and just remember, that's your park my friend, and you've got your whole life to walk through it." - Down to You

"You know what my biggest fear is? That one day, we'll pass each other on the street and have that artificial conversation." - Down To You

"When you have moments like that one . . . you can't even imagine it won't stay that way." - Down To You

"That kiss belongs in a box so I can show it to my grandchildren one day." - Down To You

"When you're falling in love, sometimes one night makes it complete." - Down To You

"By the time you realize what you're losing, I'll be lost." - Down to You