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"We all witnessed, discussed, and made a mental note of our friends' so-called 'failures' through life, particularly in relationships. Yet when it came to making our own choices, we always thought that, somehow, it would be different for us. That the man we met would never cheat on us, that we in turn would never cheat on them. We had to have that eternal optimism, Jo reckoned, or none of us would ever get married or make any level of commitment in life." - fourplay by Jane Moore

"'relationships are like tampons. They always have strings attached.'" - fourplay by Jane Moore

"'now you just seem sad and tired all the time, bored even. bored of life with a man who doesn't inspire you in any way.'" - fourplay by Jane Moore

"'but the bottom line of why most people stay together is because, despite the occasional rocky patch, they love each other and enjoy each other's company.'" - fourplay by jane moore

"those little gestures were so important. someone pouring you a drink before you'd got around to asking for one, running you a bath because you looked tired, or opening your umbrella before you even thought of doing it yourself." - fourplay by jane moore

'I know it won't be easy for you to trust me again, and I deserve that. but I'm a different person from who I was. My time away from you all has made me look at things objectively and realize what I had.' - Fourplay by Jane Moore