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I suck with words. but sometimes words aren't the thing. Love isn't about words, it's about what you do...and what I did, running away, it was stupid. We both know love is a big, scary, evil concept. but if you feel it, it's gonna follow you around like a hungry dog. I didn't mean to say that love is a dog....I just mean I'm not going anywhere. I love you. If love beats us up let's just beat it up right back. We can do this. If you're ready to make the jump, I'll be right there to catch you. -How To Deal

"Sometimes life is so perfect isn't it? It has to be, to make up for all the hard stuff it throws your way. You have to learn to walk, you have to learn to talk, you have to wear that totally ridiculous hat your grandma bought you. You have no say in the matter. And when you're a little older, even though you get to choose your hats, you don't get to choose what they put in those meatballs at the cafeteria ... Or when to fall in love. Things happen, and you just have to deal." - How to Deal Quote No. 852

“I felt like I had to get out of there because I might really care about you, and it scared me so much because that meant that you could hurt me. And maybe I didn’t feel ready to like someone that much.” – How to Deal