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“‘he is an excellent, excellent kisser, and there was buzz to the novelty of it all, but zing? Nope. I think you have to have pre-zing to get zings.’” – Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie

“‘The thing about love is, you don’t get to choose,’ Suze said, ‘you just wake up one day and there it is, sitting at the foot of the bed, going “nyah, nyah gotcha,” and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.’” – Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie

“‘you drive me crazy,’ Gabe said, finally awake, sliding his hand across her stomach. ‘you never do what I tell you to, and you challenge everything I say, and I wish to hell you’d stop it. You make me so mad I yell at you, and then I look at you, and I can’t get [...]

“He loves me, this one’s forever, even while she knew it might not be, that nobody knew forever until the end. That’ll have to be enough, she thought, and then closed her eyes and loved him back.” – Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie

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"That was the problem with marriage. It sunk its hooks into your soul and left scars that were with you forever. They should warn the people who were getting married about what it was going to do to them. How it shaped your life and changed your mind and altered your reality until you didn't know who you were anymore. How it hooked you on the presence of another person, maybe somebody you didn't even like very much, maybe somebody you didn't even love anymore, and made you need that person even when you didn't want him at all." - Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie