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"Do you ever have that dream, where you're walking naked down the street and everyone just stares?" - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'barenaked'

"I don't mind trying to find a way to keep my head above the mess I make." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'barenaked'

"No need for words, it's all been said." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'no ordinary love'

"Do you ever feel so deep that you speak your mind to put others straight to sleep? You wonder if anybody cares." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'barenaked'

"What's the point of trying to reach compromise When you're the only judge and jury? What's the story? I can't make you see that I'm not always wrong. I can't make you right. It's time to move on. I'm moving on." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'can I go now'

"Sometimes I think I'm the only one, whose day turned out unlike it had begun." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'barenaked'

"If you really love me, don't try and change me." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'the difference between us'

"Don't tell me that you won't go, cause I know that you will." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'i know you will'

"How do I deal with you? How do I deal with me? When I don't even know myself or what it is you want from me?" - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'how do i deal'

"I just want to be free to be a woman. Free to do what I choose. Free to feel the way I want and change my attitude." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'free to be a woman'

"I was not prepared enough to fall so deep in love." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'no ordinary love'

"I get so weak when you look at me. I get lost inside your eyes. Sometimes the magic is hard to believe, but you're here before my weary eyes." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'no ordinary love'

"I hold you near but you're so far away." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, '(our love) don't throw it all away'

"What's the point of trying to meet you in the middle? You got your point of view. There's nothing I can do. Can't change your mind. Can't leave it all behind. You're living in the past." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'can I go now'

"lately you don't talk to me and baby I can't see me in your eyes." - Jennifer Love Hewitt, '(our love) don't throw it all away'

"I want those sweet days back again." - Jennifer love Hewitt, 'cool with you'

I just wanna share my heart with you again. - Jennifer Love Hewitt, 'cool with you'

“I opened my eyes and you were gone, but this vision of you still lingers on.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt, ‘kiss away from heaven’ Quote No. 1,350

“I couldn’t find another man who loves me like you do. I couldn’t hold another hand that holds me quite like you.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt, ‘couldn’t find another man’ Quote No. 650

“We’ve all got troubles. We all make mistakes. But let’s not take a little river turn it into lake.” – Jennifer Love Hewitt, ‘hey everybody’