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"There were hard times I know we survived, just because you stayed by my side." - Jessica Andrews, "i will be there for you"

"Look at me, look at you -- look at all that we've been through, with a lot of love and a little luck." - Jessica Andrews, "wishing well"

"With all I have, with all I am, I promise you all my life." - Jessica Andrews, "i will be there for you"

"When I lost faith, you believed in me. When I stumbled, you were right there. for every act of love you've done, I owe you one." - Jessica Andrews, "i will be there for you"

"Where were you goin' that you had to leave so fast?" - Jessica Andrews, "windows on a train"

"Out of nowhere you just wanna be free; cut me loose forget all about me." - Jessica Andrews, "karma"

"I bring you the scraps that make up my soul." - Jessica Andrews, "I bring it to you"

"In an instant, sweet and strange, everything about me changed." - Jessica Andrews, "why'd you have to go and make me love you"

"Goodbye is just a word that I will never say." - Jessica Andrews, "never be forgotten"

"God makes everything, but unbreakable hearts." - Jessica Andrews, "unbreakable hearts"

"If I had a zillion dollars and the whole world on a string; diamonds in my pockets and the power of a king -- I don't think I'd be any happier than I am right now." - Jessica Andrews, "sunshine and love"

"Cause I can reach up and touch any star in the sky; put my arms round the moon if I try. Never thought I could feel so much love in my life. No I never thought I'd know how, but I do now." - Jessica Andrews, "I do now"

"I've heard that love can turn your world around, but you have changed the shape of my world somehow." - Jessica Andrews, "heart-shaped world"

"They could look all their lives and not find what we've got." - Jessica Andrews, "never had it so good"

"The past seems like a dream; just vacancy. How did I exist before our first kiss?" - Jessica Andrews, "now"

"Didn't think about it then but when I look back I believe now that miracles do occur." - Jessica Andrews, "I do now"

"I had a happy heart of stone; no voice to answer but my own. Now I want more from the night since you waltzed into my life." - Jessica Andrews, "why'd you have to go and make me love you"

"Before I knew it I was falling in love." - Jessica Andrews, "the riverside"

"It's a picture of perfection... the vision of you and I." - Jessica Simpson, "sweetest sin"

"What was I thinking baby? Should've seen the writing on the wall. Never thought you'd ever leave me, now I know." - Jessica Andrews, "now i know"